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Help for a Novice(5 posts)

Help for a NoviceFunrunnr10k
May 18, 2002 10:54 AM
I'm new to biking and am riding 25-40 per weekend. Goal is 3 day trek of 120 miles by fall. Looking for new bike and found R-853 in mail order. Brand name "Scatante"? Anyone know about this bike? Comments? Pros and Cons?
re: Help for a NoviceCarbon fiber fanatik
May 18, 2002 12:22 PM
my fun to ride for no reason bike is a Scattante Zonal. I love the bike. Not expensive given the apparant quality. I have almost 1k on the frame now with no problems. Build up was easy and the quality is outstanding given the price. I dont know about the 853 cuz i'm not a fan of steel, but, You wont be disapointed! Now buy it and go ride.!
re: Help for a NoviceFunrunnr10k
May 31, 2002 10:04 PM
Thanks, took your advice....went out and bought it!
re: Help for a Novicecadillacblack
May 18, 2002 2:33 PM
Hello, Funrunnr10k. I have ridden on a 853 reynolds steel frame by Lemond and it is a suprisingly responsive frame(it feels alive). 853 frames have alot of sprang, that is you can feel the shock absorption when you ride it bouncing around inside the frame. It's a neat feeling. The ride of a Reynolds 853 I feel is a B- in smoothness. It has good road vibration dampening properties. The frame is built primarily for racing rather than touring(or adventure riding). Go to WWW.REYNOLDSUSA.COM. There in the website they list other frame models by Reynolds and what they were designed for. You may want to try a BIANCHI BRAVA( It's an entry level road machine that's suppose to be fun to ride and it's made from reynolds steel 520 which something like 525. It has a retail price of 749.00. The vintage white model that I've seen "in person" is stunning. Or try Torrelli,Mondonico at De Benardi. Lemond. or a Colnago. All make good entry level steel frame bikes at an affordable price and reputation spanning decades. You may want to buy a good looking used bike on consignment at your local bike shop. Or you may want to simply stick with you first choice of the Scatante, I never really heard of it but the bike r-853 is of good quality steel. Check SCATANTE reviews on ROADbikereview

If you like to bike instead of racing. Stick to a steel, titanium, or carbon made frame. Steel is the cheapest of the three. Stay away from aluminum frames unless you're a masochist. Them aluminum frames hurt and take the fun out of long distance riding, but they take off like a bullet though when racing or pushing hard. Clearly these frames were design for racing only. That' why there so stiff and alot of them are cheaper than steel right now, because aluminum material is not only cheap but cheaper to make into a bike frame as well. They are very very popular and look cool too but you won't enjoy the ride as you would on a non-aluminum made bike.

I hope this assists you in your quest. I hope you were talking about road bike(formally called a "ten speed") instead of a mountain bike 'cause if you were'nt........ Well......hell.
re: Help for a NoviceFunrunnr10k
May 31, 2002 10:02 PM
Thanks for your help. Since I'm a non-racer (and want to baby my patootie), it sounds like a steel frame is for me. I think I'm going to take a chance on the Scattante R-853. Wish me luck!