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Anyone riding or ridden a Merckx Team SC???(4 posts)

Anyone riding or ridden a Merckx Team SC???WCC
May 18, 2002 5:33 AM
Just curious how it rides...say compared to carbon and alum, or any other insight.
Picked mine up Monday (long)AFred
May 18, 2002 7:18 AM
All Campy Record and Mavic Open Pros. I've been riding with the wrong size stem which I just replaced this morning. Of course, it's now raining out....

Other than than reach issue, this has been one fun bike to ride. A couple of evenings this week I took it out to pound on the flats and then to climb some fairly steep hills. In a word it's STIFF. The saving grace is the geometry, which somehow smoothes everything out. I put Kysriums on for a short ride and found the ride to be too noisy and harsh so I'll save those for race day (yeah right).

I also own a LS Classic and a Kestrel 200 SCi. At 175 lbs, the LS is the most comfortable of the three for me, but it does flex when I stand and stomp. The Kestrel damps all road vibration, but I find that tri-like positioning and the short rear triangle tends to cause a lot of skip and jump in the rear wheel which makes tight, fast corners a bit dicey.

The Merckx is razor sharp. If you're mindful about the low BB, you can lean this sucker over on the tire sidewalls at full speed with supreme confidence. It climbs and sprints without any flex whatsoever. During one fast, straight decent, I sat up to zip my jersey and there was no wobble at all. None, zip. Kinda spooky for twitchy aluminum. This bike is best at speed. Just don't make a mistake because it's very user-unfriendly to last minute panic adjustments. It's not as comfortable as titanium or carbon for tooling around around on spotty roads. It's sublime for fast training runs. 100% of your pedaling energy is instantly transmitted into acceleration.

The frame is light. Not stupid light, but light enough to remind you that King Eddy only warranties the frame for 2 years. The paint job is lustrous and there appear to be thick layers of clear-coat over the decals. I'm not sure what the carbon-wrapped stays are all about or what purpose they serve. I'm convinced it's the geometry that makes this bike so great, and even that is no proprietary secret.

I'm not yet totally convinved of all the hoopla surrounding this bike, but I may be singing a different tune in a few more rides.
re: On Thursday's OLN Gear Guide...JL
May 18, 2002 6:22 PM
I think everyone liked it. Or at least Bob Roll and Davis Phinney liked it. I don't think Zinn could ride it because of his size. I think the 2 gave it 3.5/4 stars each for a smooth ride and great get up and go. Phinney may have knocked it for cost only.

Hope that helped somewhat. Sorry it wasn't my personal experience with the bike. It does look great though.

Happy riding.

Real brief test ride on a Domo was impressive.Leisure
May 19, 2002 2:51 AM
Stiffness was comparable to aluminum, but it had a forgiving quality to it that seemed kind of steel-like. It had razor-sharp handling and liked sprinting. I was really impressed with the fork in the handling department, it felt unflappable, though it too was somewhat stiff (nice racing bent, though). The frame is wicked light, felt like a tad over two pounds (an extra frame was also sitting on the wall), but I didn't formally weigh it. If I were a racer I'd find it hard to resist. The complete bike with Record, Kseriums(sp?), FSA carbon cranks, and a bunch of weight-saving stuff was just over 16 lbs and wicked beautiful.