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I don't think that I was wrong, but I'd like your opinion.(5 posts)

I don't think that I was wrong, but I'd like your opinion.IAM
May 17, 2002 10:40 PM
Coming home from my ride yesterday I got yelled at by a cab driver. First time for me but from what I've read here it seemed pretty typical, " get off the road ". I didn't feel very comfortable in the situation I was in but I don't think I did anything wrong.

Here's the scenario. I'm riding down a busy four lane road that has no left or right turn lanes, my street is on the left and it can be very hard to get over to turn. When the traffic is bad I turn right then U-turn to wait for traffic to clear and cross the street and ride up to my house. Today as I glanced over my shoulder there were no cars coming and a break in the oncoming traffic so I moved into the left lane to make my turn. This is when things went wrong. Someone hit the crosswalk button and the light turned red and I had to stop. By the time the light turned green again I was surrounded by cars with nowhere to go. I had my left arm extended indicating that I was turning and was waiting for the oncoming traffic to clear. The car behind my changes lanes to go around me almost sideswiping the car in the right lane, the taxi is oncoming and turning left. When traffic clears I turn and the cab driver yells " get off the road", which I know is where I legally am supposed to ride.

So here's my question, other than being very vulnerable and a little scared did I really do anything wrong. The first thing I thought of is that if it was a car waiting to turn left instead of a cyclist this wouldn't even have been an issue.

Oh well correct me if I'm wrong.
Don't understand the question...tronracer
May 17, 2002 11:06 PM
How could you have done anything wrong? You said you were legally supposed to be there. You have a right to use the road too. What's the speed limit on the road? Where do you live?
You needed to take up the whole lane.Leisure
May 18, 2002 12:45 AM
No joke. You needed to take a left, had all the rights of any car in that situation and could take that left turn just as fast. The cab needed to wait for you the way he'd wait for any car. It's not his business to be trying to squeeze around you, endangering everyone else's safety and yours. If you were on one side of the lane, you may have ended up tempting him to do exactly that. make things easier for yourself and everyone else, you could legally have been able to get off the bike while the light was still red, walk across to the left side as a pedestrian, then walk across again on the other side when the light changed and ride your merry way. I might have elected that route just cause it's easier, but it's not the cab driver's business to harass you.
Agreed. In that situation, I take the whole lane, loud andbill
May 18, 2002 7:19 AM
proud. Well, not loud, but without hesitation. I try to project authority -- I am supposed to be here, and I'm turning left, and you need to do what you're supposed to do, too.
But I also have got off the bike. More recently, I've read the Code, and, in Virginia, it actually is not illegal for a cyclist to use the crosswalk, which I take to mean that you can ride across in the sidewalk, which I also have done.
You were in the right.....coonass
May 18, 2002 8:11 AM
The cabbie was just having a bad day...this may have been his first day on the job, after being fired from the 7-11; also Kabbie Skool may have taught him a few survival phrases, just to be mistakenly identified as a tax-paying citizen?? Staying to the far-left at the intersection and awaiting to turn, is almost telling the vehicle behind you that you are yielding the right-of-way and he/she can pass you. This is alike riding on the road and staying to far-right of the white stripe of the road boundry.....a motorist will generally take the entire lane (even missing you by inches) because he/she feels that he/she has the entire lane since you are 'outside' of the lane...I may be stupid, but (depending on the speed and volume of the traffic, location, yadda-yadda-yadda, etc.)If there is not a decent road-shoulder, I try to ride about 3"-6" LEFT of the stripe; this tells the vehicle that I AM in the lane, and he/she should pass me accordingly..(you'll never find the correct answer for every situation, but you will always find @sses behind the steering wheel....afterall, how can you expect the driver to talk on the Cell-phone, eat their quarter-pounder, make sure that their 30oz soda is not going to spill and drive safely when you're on the road too?'re a menace to their safety!) One situation where you you would again be in the wrong, is if it is a working-Mother who has just gotten off of work and is going to get the kid(s) from the baby-sitter....then she has ABSOLUTE right-of-way on all roads, intersections and the speed limits do NOT apply to her, because she has to pay a penalty for being late!!
btw...his/her statement was only 1/2 of the conversation; your response should have been "FY!!!!!" :)) Bonjour, and don't let the idiots ruin your ride!