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Brooks Saddle Help(10 posts)

Brooks Saddle HelpHENRY K
May 17, 2002 5:35 PM
I purchased a Brooks B-17. I tried it for about 2 hours in all different positions and knew that I did not like it. It seemed too wide. So I exchanged it for a Brooks Team Pro. Then size seems better but I just can't get it dialed in so it feels good. Part of the problem seems to be that I slide around a lot. I have read many different things about the Brooks saddles. many of which are very good. Will the sliding around stop after it is worn in a little? Is there a break in period? Some say no.

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

P.S. My previous saddle was a Max Flite Trans Am which felt fine, but after reading so many rave reviews on the Brooks I wanted to try one.
A 'couple of hours' ?????coonass
May 17, 2002 5:47 PM
IMHO the saddle has not even begun to be broken in....ride it for about 200-350 miles; then you'll not even be aware of a saddle and you can enjoy your rides just thinking of the burn in your legs :)) (I ride the Brooks Swift and won't EVER switch....SHMG !!)
A 'couple of hours' ?????HENRY K
May 17, 2002 5:50 PM
Never had to put that many miles on a saddle for it to feel good before!
You're missing the whole point ofcoonass
May 17, 2002 6:13 PM
what makes Brooks' 'disappear' under your butt. All of your previous saddles have been made of synthetic materials and will always maintain the same physical shape from day one to the day you replace it for a saddle that fits you better...have faith in the 'reason' why Brooks has been making the same saddles for years......Proofhide the saddle; seal the raw edges w/paraffin and get positive!
re: Brooks Saddle Helpkyvdh
May 17, 2002 6:26 PM
You can search through this forum and find lots of differnt opinions. I have a B17 and it's the best thing I ever bought. It felt good (in a hard sort of way) right out of the box. I do think you will slide around less as your sit bones make their mark. But there are plenty who will testify that if you don't like it fairly soon after putting it on, it will never feel comfortable. Anatomy is obviously a very personal thing, not easily catagorized.

re: re: Brooks Saddle HelpDjudd
May 17, 2002 8:06 PM
the CR forum at a similar post and one of the responses was very succinct. Every Brooks saddle is different; they are made from cows and every cow is different. Additionally, they are handmade and every craftsman is different. If you expect a Brooks to ever feel like any other saddle or for one Brooks saddle to feel like another you have come to the wrong place
Driving a BrooksTrent in WA
May 17, 2002 11:25 PM

I use a B17 and love it. It didn't take too long for me to break it in, and after about 500 miles I find it hard to imagine riding more than ten miles on any other kind of saddle.

Brooks saddles are, however, really fiddly until you get them dialed in precisely--and I mean, precisely. Unlike your Max Flite, the Brooks' profile isn't dead level, nor should it be--it has a slightly raised rear. Your "sliding aroung" might be caused by having the nose of the saddle level, which makes the rear slope down too much. Try raising the nose a little bit at a time until you stop sliding around.

Also, I've found that Brooks work best if you slide the saddle back farther than you would a plastic saddle. Mine is back almost as far as it'll go on my Salsa Shaft seatpost (which has a reasonable amount of setback). You might try tweaking your saddle setback to see if it'll help fit and comfort.

Lastly, the folk wisdom on the various members of the Brooks line is that the Team Pro works better for riders who have a fair amount of drop to their bars, while the B17 is better for riders who favor a more upright posture. I use a B17, but have about 1 1/2" of drop to my bars, so the folk wisdom doesn't hold for me, but might for you.

Hope this helps,
May 18, 2002 3:36 AM
Thanks to everone for their help. I will try your suggestions. At least for a while. It's hard to imagine several hundred miles of discomfort!

Odd storyLone Gunman
May 18, 2002 4:44 AM
Last weekend I rode 200 miles in 2 days on my Brooks Pro. The last 30 miles or so was in a rainstorm, so I got fairly wet. My buddy looked at my saddle at the end of the ride and saw the dimpling where my sit bones contact the saddle. He thought the saddle had been ruined in the rain. That is when he "saw the light" as I explained that they mold to your butt, it's a custom fit.
Brooks commentsKerry
May 18, 2002 5:08 AM
I had two riding buddies, one with a Brooks and one with a standard plastic racing saddle. They got to talking about how they both did not like their saddles, so they switched. Both went away happy as clams. There was nothing wrong with either saddle, just that they didn't fit those guys. Saddle choice is way to personal to take someone else's advice about how much they like theirs. I like my Flite Ti, but that doesn't mean you'd like it. Likewise it's predecessor Cinelli. People who have Brooks saddles often got there by not liking other saddles. The fact that they like their Brooks' doesn't tell you anything about what you might like.