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Question for the noise detectives and other questions(1 post)

Question for the noise detectives and other questionsLone Gunman
May 16, 2002 4:45 PM
I am riding Rolf Vector Comps that have about 7500 miles on them. The rear hub was overhauled this spring and new bearings were installed. The hub was ridden in a heavy rain storm this weekend, whether that is related to the noise I have no idea. The noise comes while coasting mainly and it is a plunking/poping sound in the hub. Wheel is straight, no spoke problems. On todays ride it became a bit less noticeable as I rode but it is still there. Anyone venture a guess as to the problem? Is my hub dying a quick death or is something in need of lubrication, tightening or what?

Next question is the cassette has 7500 miles and the chain about 3500 and I am thinking that it is time to replace both, shifting is getting a little rough. I like the Sram chains because of the easy removable link. Which one (model) works best with Ultegra 9 speed?