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New chain time. To degrease or not? Paraffin bath?(5 posts)

New chain time. To degrease or not? Paraffin bath?Ken of Fresno
May 16, 2002 8:38 AM
Hi all,

It's new chain time. What should I do about that new chain grease Shimano so heavily coats their chains with? It's a great lubricant that keeps the chain shifting smoothly and quietly, but it attracts dirt like crazy. After only a few rides there's gunk all over the gears and derailers. Call me weird, but I like to keep my drivetrain as clean as possible. In the past I have gone through the trouble of removing the grease either by soaking the chian in a solvent or using a Pedro's chain cleaner tool. However, I've noticed that that after I do that the chain links seem to get "loose" and shifting suffers noticeably and gets noisy. My guess is that the grease between the links helps give new chains some stiffness that is needed for optimum shifting. Does this just mean that I'm not sufficiently relubricating the chain afterward? Maybe if I get enough good lube in between the links it will shift like new.? Another thing I'm considering is doing a hot wax bath (for the chain, not me). Does anybody still do this? How well (and quietly) do these chains shift? I'd appreciate your opinions.

Should I:

A)live with the gunk and keep the chain shifting smooth
B)degrease then use favorite dirt repelling lubricant
C)paraffin bath (something I've never done before)

Thanks all,
re: New chain time. To degrease or not? Paraffin bath?grandemamou
May 16, 2002 8:50 AM
I always strip off the factory lube. It makes a horrible mess. Campy says it's a no no but hasn't caused me any problems. If you properly re-lube you should be fine.

Funny you should mention waxing. Years ago, when I used a 6spd frewheel thats what I did. Newer better lubes came along and I stopped. I tried it a few months back. It did not work very well with 10 spd Campy. It shifted so so, at probably 90% but it was noisy as hell. Sounded like I was dragging a bucket of nails behind me. I have a feeling with narrower chains and tighter tolerances of modern drivetrains it's not the best option.
try clean and lube...C-40
May 16, 2002 9:00 AM
A mixture of 3-4 parts mineral spirits to 1 part synthetic (or regular) motor oil works great as a chain lubricant. It is a wet-lube, so I wouldn't recommend it for MTB use or other dirty conditions, but it's a great road lubricant.

Apply the stuff heavily and wipe thoroughly with a dry paper towel. Always apply the stuff a long time before riding to allow time for the mineral spirits to evaporate (leaving only the oil behind).

On new chains, I apply the stuff after each ride. By the third ride, all of the grease should be gone. After that, the lubrication interval can be extended. I relube every other ride, just out of habit and the desire to keep my drivetrain spotless. The result is exceptional life from the chain, cogs and chainrings.

If you use a dry lube, you could degrease the chain first, allow a day for the chain to dry, then apply the lube. You could also just apply the dry lube (without degreasing) and wipe the chain throughly. If you relube amd wipe after each of the first three rides, the grease should be history.
Use as isNessism
May 16, 2002 9:37 AM
A)live with the gunk and keep the chain shifting smooth

The factory knows what they are doing. Why do you think they lube the chain with that stuff in the first place? The fact that the chain runs so quiet with the factor lube should not be overlooked.

And I don't buy the argument that the factory lube is just to prevent corrosion, not true.

Wipe the outside of the chain and cogs with WD40 after a few rides if the crud starts to stick. Keep the grease inside the chain where it belongs.

re: New chain time. To degrease or not? Paraffin bath?netso
May 17, 2002 3:00 AM
I degrease the chain, still use a paraffin bath. I have tried proLink etc. I find they are noisy and still are dirty. The paraffin is clean and noise free. I do not mind the paraffin procedure. It takes me at most 30 minutes per month to degrease and paraffin.