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Aches and pains(2 posts)

Aches and painsWild Bill
May 16, 2002 7:45 AM
Can someone tell me what to do if there are aches and pain with a bad fit?
Like if your stem is to long or to short. Where does it hurt so that you know?
If your bars are to high or to low. Where does it hurt?
If your saddle is to far back or forward. Where does it hurt?
If your cleats are to far back or forward. Where does it hurt?
I know the neutral starting point is just that, so if you develop aches and pains what do you change?
Thanks, Wild Bill
re: Aches and painsp chop
May 16, 2002 2:02 PM
i can't answer the whole question, but here's what i did recently. aches in hands, first raised and rotated up handle bars slightly... small help. the dropped seat to within about 1" of handlebar height... shoulders felt better, hands felt better, and i got a lot stronger.

however, first rides of the season... everything hurt no matter what.

maybe fix the fit first, than for any aches remaining do some targeted stretching.