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My personal best feelings...ever (Slight biking bias)(3 posts)

My personal best feelings...ever (Slight biking bias)mikebikr
May 16, 2002 5:48 AM
Several can't be discussed here for obvious reasons and this list is obviously incomplete and in no particular order.

· Birth of my girls

· Hot shower after a long cold wet ride

· Winning your first race (I imagine this would feel pretty good)

· When my wife said yes (to marriage proposal) the other yes is in the running as well.

· Closing on my first home.

· First car

· New custom Anvil

· Then there was last night. My 6-year-old daughter finally got it. No training wheels. YEAH! Although she is very coordinated and athletic, she was terrified of bikes and crashing. Maybe too man times seeing Daddy come home bloody and broken, I'm not sure. Two years of training wheels and me running behind her holding the seat. Many times during the learning process I'd let go of her bike and she would simultaneously let go of the bars and literally leap off of the bike in my general direction. But not last night. In the back yard. Running behind her.I let go and watched with tremendous pride as she soloed for 25' and stopped her bike without incident. "Dad that was great can I do it again." HELL YES!

· What a day. Then my 4-year daughter who is also very determined to ride sans training wheels. She had several crashes in the grass last night because she wanted to try it on her own.without much success. A couple of feet at a time and I would catch her before she hit the ground or she'd topple over. After one of the little wrecks she's lying in the grass looking up at me, half smiling and half wincing from the minor bump. "Daddy when I'm old, you know, like a teenager.can I ride bikes with you?" I'm getting choked up again just writing this. I'm a very lucky man.
re: My personal best feelings...ever (Slight biking bias)biknben
May 16, 2002 8:31 AM
Grab some tissues for me too...

I'm sure when my 2yo girl does her first solo ride I'll feel the same way.
Yes. You are a very lucky man. And it's wonderful thatrideslikeagirl
May 16, 2002 10:02 AM
you appreciate that good fortune.

Although I'd venture a guess that those little angels didn't turn out the way they did out of sheer luck, my friend.


Thanks for the sweet post.