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pinarello paris(2 posts)

pinarello parissticky
May 16, 2002 4:34 AM
I have a chance to buy a pinarello paris at a good price. what are peoples opinions or should i get a galileo? I have no idea what a paris would weigh - is it quite heavy?
re: pinarello parisjarraa
May 16, 2002 5:28 AM
Hey Sticky,
First of glad you are thinking about a Pinarello. It's beautiful. I myself on a 2001 galileo and will state my advice with that given knowledge. Make sure that both are fairly new models (i.e. 2000 or higher). Second and most important is what do you expect out of the bike/frame. My experience of the Galileo is that it is an amazingly stiff and power hungry (i.e. you churn and it will shoot like a bullet) bike. It is good for fast 50 milers or really fast 30 milers. It is amazing on climbs. As for the Paris, from the people I talked to who own one, it has a more pluch (that does not mean less efficient) ride. Good for long 70-100 mile rides ( I presume you could do it with a galileo too ...infact I did an 80 miler once on the galileo was fairly comfortable but I would not do that on a very frequent basis. The aluminum kind of takes a toll on you after some time). If you live in hills and like to do real quick short (30-70 M ) rides, get the galileo. If you like centuries and prefer to be in the saddle 4 hours, get the paris. In regards to weight, should not be that much different. Besides if you can be comfortable on the bike longer, then you can make up for those extra few grams by training harder and longer.
Best of luck.