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Chaffed sidewall question(5 posts)

Chaffed sidewall questionastrobiker
May 15, 2002 6:13 PM
I just bought a new pair of Continental Grand Prix 3000 4 Seasons tires, and promptly took them though a couple of stretches of torn up road that was mostly gravel. No flats, but upon later inspection, I found a spot on each tire's sidewall where a rock had obviously nicked the sidewall, cutting a small (1/8th inch)"tuft" of the web-looking orange exterior cover. I don't think it went any deeper.

I have ridden another 250 miles on them without a problem - is this a disaster waiting to happen? Is there something I should do to patch/repair this damage? I have been running them at 100 psi, but I like to normally run 120psi. Thanks for any advise!
probably okJekyll
May 15, 2002 7:49 PM
If it is just thought the covering material on the sidewall then it should not be a problem. If it is into the threads of the casing then it may very well be one.
Take a close look, it you see cut threads then worry about it.
re: Chaffed sidewall questionScot_Gore
May 16, 2002 4:01 AM
I had a scuff that over hours of roller riding, widened to a tear, a evenually gave me one of those hernia flats. I was in my rec room at the time, so no big deal for me. I'd get a new tire if this is for REAL riding.

ok....mine too and its been atleast 500 miles, no problem..ishmael
May 16, 2002 5:22 AM
re: Chaffed sidewall questionastrobiker
May 16, 2002 6:47 PM
Thanks - sounds like I need to put a closer look on it. Also got some tire boots - may put those in for insurance.