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Bob Bob Bobby Country Road Bob? No! Straight Up!(3 posts)

Bob Bob Bobby Country Road Bob? No! Straight Up!Ahimsa
May 15, 2002 3:54 PM
Van Dessel Straight Up. Looks fun. Anyone ride one of these? Lot of house brand parts. Hmmmmm.


that money is just burning a hole in your pocket huh?....Spirito
May 15, 2002 4:56 PM
ahimsa be patient and have faith......

there is a good place for your money and its with me (as if you didn't already know that).

you should email uncle spirito as he is building your wheelset this weekend. i decided on 36 hole. looks like the finished bike with all new parts is only a week or 2 away.

sorry but have also decided you gearing will be 42 x 18 (free) and42 x 15/16 (fixed) on 170mm cranks.

and what size frame do you normally ride as i need to choose stem and bar soon.

always thinking with uncle ahimsa in will be in raptures when you see it fixie anything as cool or as well thought out.
Ah...I am patient brother...very patient...Ahimsa
May 15, 2002 6:08 PM
...but alas, I am only shopping for fun. All my money burns right through, as is the nature of money (and rightly so). I suppose if I held onto it I would surely die immediately before I could spend it anyway, so.....

I can't wait to see the ride. Still, you shouldn't tempt me. I am he who tempts and goads, not the other way around. Beware building "my" bike for me. I'd hate to leave you with an "Ahimsa Special" and no one to buy it.

Cheers! ; )

Uncle A. (For the love of money)