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A link for the one armed cyclist "Jack H"(1 post)

A link for the one armed cyclist "Jack H"Ahimsa
May 14, 2002 5:10 PM

This is a sort of "2 speed internal geared bottom bracket" that is actuated with the heel. It should be exactly what you need. It is pricey I suppose, but worth it in your case I think. You could then concentrate fully on shifitng rear cogs with your hand.

I also considered that a brake lever should be easy to rig to operate both the front and rear brake at the same time, though I feel you would be better served to keep them seperate somehow.

It obviously isn't always adviseable to pull both brakes all the time, so a BMX style small lever on the same side as your STI might be better. Hmmmm.

I know it is cliche to suggest talking with Sheldon Brown, but he answers all his email and is quite clever with rigging unique set ups on his own rides. I'm certain he could come up with something for you.