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dished?(2 posts)

May 14, 2002 4:11 PM
i have zipp 404's, when i place the rear onto my p2k, the chain jumps off the cog and lands beside the chainstay when shifting to the highest gear. shifting one lower brings it back onto the highest cog. when i turn the wheel around to check the brake pad clearance, the rim rubs the pads. it seems the cogs are closer to the centre of the wheel than the cpx33 with ultergra hubs i use to train with. is this normal or is the 404 dish out of whack? or is the zipp hub narrower than an ultegra?
re: dished?Akirasho
May 14, 2002 4:23 PM
... three things come to mind...

Are your rear derailleur limit screws properly adjusted along with proper B tension (and proper chain length while I think about it)?

Remember that your P2K has horizontal dropouts so you have to pay particular attention to how you set the rear wheel in...

Also, the P2K has relatively short chainstays which in certain gear combos will cause an extreme angle on your chainline.

I'd check these two before wankin' on the wheel... on the other hand, it would be a relatively easy fix if dish were indeed the problem.

I run HED Stingers on a P2K and 404s on a GT Vengeance... both have very similar rear end geometries (short stays with horizontal dropouts)... and both are a bit prone to cross chain noise and drag (though not to excess). I've never had the problem you've described.

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