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JS haiku shop calling........2 questions(3 posts)

JS haiku shop calling........2 questionsSpirito
May 14, 2002 12:26 PM
any sighting of brown yet?.....shall i threaten to get some muscle onto them for making you wait for the merckx so long?


would you know how to transliterate japanese for me.....

there is a blunt way of expressing "i dont know" in japanese and to me it sounds like " kunono!" but i need to check, maybe you may know.

am in pain with anticipation with you waiting for the bike to land.....

ciao / onaigashimasu
re: JS haiku shop calling........2 questionsJS Haiku Shop
May 14, 2002 12:34 PM
#1 ah, merckx is due tomorrow. it sat in some warehouse in IL for several days, and now is finally in-state. not sure if i should be sick tomorrow and wait by the door. this makes me want to mount a webcam on my front porch.

#2 "i don't know": shiranaiaidani

that's just from a web source, though. i don't know any japanese. that might actually mean "please pass the toenails."
re: JS haiku shop calling........2 questionsSpirito
May 14, 2002 12:52 PM
if you have a boss ill write her/him a letter with all manner of explanations as to why you were absent and indeed could not work but are fine and joyous the day after (if a little keen to get out early).

to work is cool ...but a new bike is cooler...

hmmmmmm "please pass the toenails" may give a false impression of who i am to some who read into what i was thinking for a new ebay identity...i may keep it as it is until i can confirm...the phrase i am thinking of is more apt in a bar than regular conversation and i doubt ill find it in a web phraseolgyy guide but who knows...thanks anyway