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Mavic Ksyrium Warranty(10 posts)

Mavic Ksyrium Warrantychrisbaby
May 14, 2002 5:19 AM
I hit a pothole today with my 4 month old Mavic Ksyriums and dented the rear wheel. Does anyone know if there is a warranty or how I can get the wheel fixed? I bought them from Total Cycling in Ireland in February.

thanks in Advance
re: Mavic Ksyrium Warrantycyclopathic
May 14, 2002 5:47 AM
crash isn't covered by warranty, but Mavic is very nice in handling those things, they warrantied my 3 year old freehub.

They do not handle warranty directly, you have to go through dealer (your LBS it is). Expect to pay $$$ for rim, spokes and labor.
good luck...g-money
May 14, 2002 6:55 AM
This is where paying a bit more for your wheels at your LBS pays off. I doubt you'll get your LBS to warranty them unless your in really good with them. You did not buy it there so why should they extend you customer service on a product they did not sell to you. They have no responsibility even thought they may be Mavic dealers. Mavic is very good about warranty stuff. Call them, they MIGHT give you a break and let you send them in with an RA# and receipt for repair, it's unlikly they will replace the damage for free.

BTW how big was the pothole? You gotta REALLY whack a hole to bend a ksyrium, or your running too low a pressure. Something seems awry...
good luck...chrisbaby
May 14, 2002 7:16 AM
I think the hole was really big...I don't know because it was covered with water from heavy rain. PSI was 120 in both wheels; both tires blew and both wheels are now out of true. MY lbs owes me a favour - I've probably spent half my earning there over the years.
if they're Mavic dealer they have tocyclopathic
May 14, 2002 7:24 AM
or they may loose it. They may charge a heck out of you.
I'd guess ~40$ for labor + 130$ for parts.
They have to service it,TJeanloz
May 14, 2002 12:20 PM
As this event was not caused by defect or workmanship, this is not a warranty situation. Your dealer will have to offer the service- which may include sending the wheel back to Mavic, and Mavic will charge a set amount for the re-build. You should expect to pay for this repair, probably on the order of $150-$200.
Dude, that must have been one big pothole!mixinbeatz
May 14, 2002 10:08 AM
I t-boned another riders back at 35mph in a race a couple of weeks ago on some Ksyriums, and even though the frame was broken in half, the k's are still as straight as the day I bought them. Good luck on getting a new wheel.
Out of luck.Ian
May 14, 2002 1:03 PM
This type of problem wouldn't be covered by warranty anyway, but you don't have a warranty because you purchased them through totalcycling. To have a US warranty, you must purchase through an authorized US dealer. To have an international warranty, you must purchase through an authorized international dealer. Totalcycling is neither, it is just like buying from a private seller. So, find a good shop and pay the repair fees.

re: Mavic Ksyrium WarrantyCAAD5 Kid
May 14, 2002 2:54 PM
Sorry bought the bad luck boss. But just to wrap it all up for you....your LBS does not have to warranty the wheel for didn't buy it in the U.S. If they're nice they might..but a crash situation is not covered. Here's the other tid bit for Krysium owners, if you do not have the rear pie plate on (spoke protector), Mavic/ your LBS can decline to warranty a wheel for you. You have to have the pie plate on as told to my LBS by the mavic rep.
how bad is it?cyclopathic
May 14, 2002 3:27 PM
if this is just a small dent on brake surface you maybe able to fill it in, as long as rim didn't crack and tire hooks are not affected. I've fixed rock dents on ceramic MTB rims with epoxy (JB Weld) and it hold up pretty good.

Also if you do need to replace rim you could do it yourself, it is easier then building new wheel. Rim is probably 90-110$ at dealer