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Polar S710 Performance Tests (VO2Max, etc...)(3 posts)

Polar S710 Performance Tests (VO2Max, etc...)Bikewithadam
May 13, 2002 12:53 PM
Hey! I just got an S710 HRM and I'm going through the software trying to figure it all out. I follow everything through the section on how to do performance tests, which gets pretty dense. Anyone already done a performance test, and if so, any suggestions? Basically I want to figure out how to do it properly before I go and try to gather data so that I don't fatigue myself and screw up the analysis and then have to wait a few days before being able to do a test again.

Would you recommend the running tests, and if so, by time or distance? I have a track here I can use. Does the watch signal you when you should speed up in a Conconi test at the proper interval, or do you need to have someone standing there with a stopwatch telling you when to speed up? Any advice/input on these tests would be appreciated!

re: Polar S710 Performance Tests (VO2Max, etc...)da cyclist
May 13, 2002 7:39 PM
I've personally never messed with any of the performance tests on my S710 other than the owncal (just for the hell of it). But personally, I wouldn't waste my time with a Conconi test. Pretty much everybody I've ever talked to who knows alot about athletic performance testing has told me that they usually don't ever see the visible deflection in the graph that conconi predicted. If you really want to do some performance testing, I would try a nearby university. They probably have some type of applied science laboratory that can give you the full workover at a reasonable price.
re: Polar S710 Performance Tests (VO2Max, etc...)jjdbike
May 14, 2002 5:47 AM
Yes I have used the "ownzone" of the M 510. I assume that it is similar to the 710. It seemed to be fairly close to what I expected it to be by what other tests have told me. It also does change as my fitness changes. I wrote Polar and asked them how it worked. They wrote me back w/ an indcepth explanation which totaly satisfied me. I will e-mail you w/ their reply to me. Ofcourse, any test has its weaknesses and numerous veriables. The best way to minimumize those it to do the test often & under as close to the same conditions as possible. Then do not take the result as "The Valid Number", but instead use it a relative referance point to track changes in fitness. Just my own 2 cent. I hope that I have been some help.