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Enjoying the Opera, by Pinarello(2 posts)

Enjoying the Opera, by PinarelloDoctorNurse
May 13, 2002 12:00 PM
So! After 18 months of research, helped in no small portion by you good people on this board I picked up my silver-gray fade Pinarello Opera Last Friday and went on a small 45 mile ride this weekend...Specs?

Running Gear- Campy Centaur w/chorus cranks/BB/HS/seatpost
Seat- Selle Italia XO
Bar- 3T Start
Stem- 3T THE
Pedals- Campy Centaur Pro-Fits
Computer- Campy Ergobrain 10
Cages- Ciussi Elite
Rims- Campy Montreals
Tires- Torelli TDF
Weight- 19.5 lbs
Shoes- Diadora Gara

Okay....Basically, believe the hype...This bike is *nice* (and I don't just mean the color scheme!) Everything you have heard is true, the CF bits make the ride exceptionally smooth, the steel gives some gravitas to the occasion, and ensures mucho stiffness in all the areas that it is requred. The bike makes you to *feel* faster than you thought you were, and *make* you faster than you were...I'm a lighter rider at 165lbs, but I could elicit zero flex in any area of the machine...The thing climbs really well, holds a wonderful line in the descents, and is as fast as any of the colorful colloquialisims I've seen on this board (A jackrabbit on crack, scalded cat, Deda 16.5 EOM tubing *is* scary light/thin, but I gotta say that the bike survived a 100 mile trip from Philly to MD over some questionable road surfaces on my trunk rack (another vote for the Saris bones 2 bike rack!) with no dents/scratches/trauma/drama/tragedy at all. The paint job/welds/labelling/clearcoat/aesthetics of the bike is world class and if there is a prettier finished bike, then congratulations, butfor me? the Pini is *fly*!

Okay, so now I have to get the legs worthy of the machine, and I feel like I'm closer than ever to doing that, and for damn sure the bike ain't my problem now! So to Grzy, DougSloan, Allervite and all of you folks who helped me get this thing figured out...The saving was painful and the sacrifices significant, but *MAN* it feels good to FINALLY get the bike you want!

I'll post pics presently, and thanks again!!

re: Enjoying the Opera, by Pinarellotmguy
May 14, 2002 6:54 AM
Yeah! Nice to meet another Opera Lover! Got mine for my b-day and haven't looked back. ZERO buyer's remorse for me. Enjoy it! It is worth it to buy the bike you want!