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Century PR on weekend's 2nd 100 miler(5 posts)

Century PR on weekend's 2nd 100 milerPaulCL
May 13, 2002 6:05 AM
Three friends and I rode TOSRV last weekend (tour of the scioto river valley). A century Saturday, followed by a century on Sunday.

With crosswinds/headwinds, we road a 5:18 on Saturday. Very painful. I started to cramp at mile 40 and never stopped. Everytime we cranked it up to 22mph (or my HR >160), my legs turned into stone. Ouch. I know, I know..not enough water. I learned my lesson the painful way.

Sunday, with a slight tailwind for 60 miles, a strong tailwind for 20 miles, and a storm and headwinds for the last 20 (why on the LAST 20 miles???) we clocked a 4:33 time. A personal record for me. We were helped a lot by a CAT 3 who wanted to lead out most of the 100 miles for the "training".

TOSRV is a very flat century. There is one 25 mile section in the middle with rolling hills.

LonefrontRanger, you'll appreciate how lucky we got with a Sunday tailwind for most of the day. TOSRV has a nasty reputation for lousy weather coupled with high winds. Apparently, I got lucky on the weather. Now, where's that bengay.......
Lone Gunman sighting...Lone Gunman
May 13, 2002 10:45 AM
I did TOSRV this past weekend and got PR's both days. I don't have enough base miles in to be doing those kind of times on 100s, but I was with some people who wanted to hammer and the final 30 miles of day one were fast until I came around the bend into that wide open stretch of river just about 2 miles or so from Portsmouth, found myself in the back of the pack (Wolverine people) and out in the wind. The flame went out on the engine and I limped on in to the finish.

Was it my imagination or did you encounter some of the worst attitudes? Example one: Not calling out road imperfections and holes. 2: Serious wheel suckers that don't communicate. 3: Snafue at the gym that we had to split time with women at the locker room showers until the second locker room was unlocked. A few of the riders having hissy fits over having to wait 15 minutes to take a shower. Pass the Prozac please!! Cheeseandrice!! 4: A tandem rider(s) instead of saying "on your left" as they pass says "move to the right". Why not just say "I'm a big tandem, get the F out of my way"

Otherwise, I spent $20 for dry barbque pork ribs and slept okay for a gym floor until some idiot decided to get on the road by 4:30AM. Other than that it was a good ride.
Sounds familiarPaulCL
May 13, 2002 11:49 AM
I saw the Wolverine pack and the lone Wolverine on the Seven Axiom. Was that you??

I barely hung on to my speed demon friends on Saturday. The cramps were so bad. Crosswinds, cramps, dehydration and over-exhuberance will do that to you.

As for the attitudes..gotta agree. On Sunday, myself and three friends (all brothers including the Cat 3) lead out a group of anywhere from the four of us to 30 riders. Only once did someone offer to take the lead. And yes, we got blown away by a couple of tandems. But in fairness, a couple of tandems gave us great pulls on Saturday. So, I won't say anything but niceties about tandems. As for politeness, I just think it is from the lack of experienced cyclists. "Fun -riders" just don't know how to react to "on your left" - they look left and swerve into the road. That problem cause one wreck while we were towing about 30 riders on Sunday. A girl and a guy went down hard at 22+ when a rider on the berm swerved out into the passing pack. Lots of skin lost on that one.

We stayed at Grant elementary. What's with this getting up at 4:50 AM??? Some a-hole switched on the overhead gym lights at straight up 5 am. Geesh! I still had an hour or two on my beauty sleep to go. I would guess that over 80% of the inhabitants were out of the gym by 5:30 am. But just knowing that I left at 7 am and beat them to Columbus makes me feel oh so much better about the early wake up call.

It was my first TOSRV. Apparently, I got real lucky with the weather. Did you get hit by that small hurricane around 11 am???
Sounds familiarLone Gunman
May 13, 2002 6:31 PM
Began riding with the Wolverine pack at the last rest stop, I had on Credit Agricole kit on a white Lemond and was in the middle of the pack most of the time until the wind encounter at the end of day one.

Was my first TOSRV also. Was at Portsmouth High. I had a stated goal to be the last one out of the gym when this 4:30AM sh:t happened. A couple was dead asleep in the middle of the floor when I left which is a good indication that they got in very late and little floor space was left. I honestly could not believe my eyes when after being up for 20 minutes I checked my watch and saw 5:30.

The deal with the Ahole on the tandem happened as I was drafting a tandem in the roller section of the course. We would blow past him on the downhill and then he starts this "move to the right" shtick as we slowed going uphill and we were in the right side tire track of the road already. He did this at least twice. On the third down hill that we blew past him we had a right hand turn and I took a line that crossed his path and he wasn't too happy about that so we had our confrontation. Then the wheel suckers, well I freely admit that I did not have the legs to pull the other 3 people I was with but they insisted on pushing the pace so I hung as best I could (w/single and tandem).

Got caught in the wind/rain/hail storm. Headed into some farmers garage w/about 10 other guys and waited it out.

Overall not a bad ride, I think I was expecting more festivities as my one friend explained the ride to me. Plus he was telling me it was a leisurely pace, it wasn't. I had ridden 87 miles the weekend before and 33 as my longest ride this season before that so I had no biz doing a double weekend century with PR's both days. Still trying to figure out what $47 was for, but I won't complain without more facts of where the money went, especially accommodation wise. 2 working toilets and one shower room with 3 working heads. Hmmmm....
Yeah...$47 why??PaulCL
May 14, 2002 5:11 AM
Our gym had several showers, but 4 commodes for 200 guys! Talk about testing the limits of the plumbing.

I guess the $47 went to all the food, the band, the emergency crews, and most of it went to insurance.

We had a problem with a single who insisted on passing people on the right, on the berm. The third time he did it, the four of us conspired to blow him away. We cranked to 30 mph for a couple of painful miles and left him in the dust.

Most longest ride of the year was 50. so I didn't belong with a group cranking at an avg pace of 22...but I made it.

Cheers. Paul in Northern KY