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the most MISERABLE ride (WARNING...WHINE INSIDE)(9 posts)

May 13, 2002 5:02 AM
Yesterday, some of the lads (and gals) from the local riding club and myself decided to go out for a long training ride. The weather started out somewhat chilly and grey and we were all a little disheartened by the fact that it is May 12 and the weather has been MUCH LESS than spring like in the Adirondacks (it has been miserable)...but we live in the North Country so we went about our ride anyway...

Thirty minutes into the ride and it begins to drizzle a shade, no worries, we brought our rain jackets...the group decides to splinter off, as some of them needed to get home and attend to Mother's Day chores, families etc...two of us decided to continue on, with the intent of getting in 70 or so miles...So off we go.

The weather got REALLY nasty. The temps dropped considerably in a VERY short period of time, and the rain began to come down. In no time, we were pedaling our way through downpaour conditions with the mercury hovering at a BALMY 38-40 degrees. Now, like a jackass, I didn't have on long fingered gloves or foot-booties. My hands and feet were solid ICE. AND I was shivering. Here it was, May 12, and I was in danger of going hypothermic!!! I was mentally beat. The ride was solid misery and for the first time ever, I was ready to throw in the towel, stop at the nearest (25 miles away...this is the North Country after all) grocery, call my mate and get a ride home. I NEVER "not finish" a ride.

Well, my riding partner, Tim, and I stopped at the grocery and I decided I would be a wuss if I didn't finish, but we stayed inside for a spell to warm up. This was a bad idea, as when we went back out, the cold seemed extra bitter, and the rain was stinging the face in a very nasty fashion.

We grumped out the last 12 miles back to Lake Placid, and when I got to my office, I couldn't wait to get the shoes off.

It was an absolutely miserable ride. And now, the forecast for tonight and tomorrow evening is for around 4" of SNOW...WHAT THE HE**!?! When did I move to Siberia and forget to jot it down?

EJC - dreaming of long, hot, dry rides, where I can get a tan!
re: the most MISERABLE ride (WARNING...WHINE INSIDE)Steve A
May 13, 2002 5:15 AM
Just remember this story in July when it's so hot up there the road is melting and the humidity makes it feel like it's raining and your clothes are sticking to you, hang in there we need the rain.
Cold front here toograndemamou
May 13, 2002 5:32 AM
It's supposed to get down to the mid 50's tonight with highs in the lower 80's Brrrrr. Sorry couldn't resist. We have our own weather problems down here. We only have two seasons fall and summer. If you think it's hot in the fall wait until summer.

At least you got a good war story out of it.
Speaking of a tan...elviento
May 13, 2002 6:18 AM
How do people feel about the cyclist's tan?

My torso, upper thigh, hands, and the skin around my eyes remain white while everywhere else is dark. I was playing beach volleyball on Saturday and friends were making fun of my uneven tan, which looked kinda weird.
compare calf sizes...merckx56
May 13, 2002 8:26 AM
I don't even take off my shirt at the beach anymore. my pale places are way too pale for the world to see, and mock.
I take pride in my funny tan. it reminds me of all the hours spent in the saddle doing what i love! i do, however, ride without glove every so often. white hands make you look like a leper!
America's BelgiumWannabe
May 13, 2002 6:22 AM
Well, it was a trully miserable day here in America's Belgium yesterday! It was low 40s and raining/drizzling when I set out for my first big ride under my "new" training program. I would have been fine, except for some reason I didn't take my neoprene booties. Why, I'm not sure, but it probably had something to do with the fact that I just couldn't bring myself to wear them in the middle of May!

My feet were SO cold by the time I got back (awesome ride otherwise). Mostly numb walking around afterwards! And man did they HURT as they warmed up in the shower... then that pesky itch! I can't think of maybe but a couple of times my feet have been colder, and folks, I've done some rather amazing trips in the Northwest Territories of Canada...

Why is it that they itch like that anyway?

Ah well, another lesson learned. Wow do I feel good today though!

Blame it on the jet stream.RoyGBiv
May 13, 2002 8:10 AM
Same problem in the Great White North Country.
One look out the window Sunday morning and I said fuhgedaboudit and spent the day plastering dry wall tape. Uggghh.
If memory serves, last May was kinda kruddy too, but June, July and August were great.
Hang in there.
god! and i bitched about 60 and clouds the other day!(nm)merckx56
May 13, 2002 8:26 AM
re: the most MISERABLE ride (WARNING...WHINE INSIDE)Icefrk13
May 13, 2002 2:08 PM
On sat. morning I saw the clouds, so I just packed up the hockey gear and headed to the local rink fir the sat. drop in game. So it was not to bad, I was wishing it had been a little cooler in the arena.