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Bella, bella, bella! Cycling the way it should be!(16 posts)

Bella, bella, bella! Cycling the way it should be!Pecos
May 12, 2002 7:59 AM
A few lovely cyclists showing off their colors - and other things :o) at the Giro.
Boys will be boys!! Now for a new force, discovered by MIT.AllisonHayes
May 12, 2002 8:17 AM
Scientists at MIT (Mammary Institute of Technology) have discovered a new force, quite possibly the most powerful yet. Researchers have dubbed this new force "breast gravity." It is the nearly irresistible force that draws men's eyes down to women's breasts.

"The idea came to me out of the blue," says team leader Frank Leerer. "I was walking along the beach with a colleague of mine, and we saw a woman in a string bikini. 'Check out the globes on her!' he said. That's when the idea hit me like a brick house."

Theorists have been working around the clock to explain the biophysical mechanism behind the phenomenon. It is believed that like the other fundamental forces of the universe, breast gravity is mediated by an elementary particle. MIT scientists have named this theoretical particle the "boobon."

Many aspects of the new force have now been determined empirically. It is known that breast gravity grows exponentially with breast size. Also, experimentalists think that many materials must absorb boobons, because layers of clothing can significantly decrease the force. (A large parka can sometimes nullify the effect completely.)

Still, there are mysteries yet to be solved. For example, why are almost all men's eyes affected, but only a small fraction of women's? How can it be that the force is transmitted even through televised and printed images of breasts?

Scientists everywhere are looking into it.
Jeeze Allison, you are so damn CORNY.Lazywriter
May 12, 2002 9:02 AM
I mean, do you really think this crap is funny???? Cmon guys, be honset. Do you think this garbage she posts is funny???? I guess if you think Bob Hope is funny, then you would like this crap but CMON. Allison, you must be a real looker. I notice you get a little testy whenever a guy posts a picture of good looking females. You seem to chime in with some sarcastic comments.
Do you play softball by any chance? LOL
CORNY? Now you are starting to sound like one of those fruitsAllisonHayes
May 12, 2002 9:53 AM
from the midwest. Are you related to that Jeffrey Dalmer guy by any chance? It sounds like you just may have some of the same coping problems.

Testy? Hardly, again you miss the point. But, c'est la guerre.

"Cmon guys, be honset. Do you think this garbage she posts is funny????" I like how you repeatedly try to appeal to others for support. I can only conclude that comes from not having any huevos of your own.
Well, let's see, I read every word by Allison, and I tendbill
May 12, 2002 10:12 AM
to read Lazywriter at least when, well, I'm not sure when else but when he happens to post beneath Allison Hayes, anyway.
Don't ever change, Allison.
A few days ago, I posted by own homage to AllisonHayes under the subject "you are one wacky chick, AllisonHayes," but the powers that be apparently thought little of my little endearment, "chick." I guess. Because it disappeared.
Used with respect (and I do mean respect) to a woman who remains continually bemused by the foibles of man, or men as the case may be, and, in particular, men and the breasts they hold dear, I just didn't think that it was offensive.
what makes you think the troll is a "chick"?? nmcyclopathic
May 12, 2002 9:07 PM
Lazywriter, for heaven's sake SHUT UP!!!!!!! nmweiwentg
May 12, 2002 10:46 AM
Yes please do!!!!!nmJustride
May 12, 2002 9:37 PM
Jeeze Allison, you are so damn CORNY.4bykn
May 12, 2002 12:18 PM
Okay, I'll be "honset" (sic). I prefer to read Allison's posts over yours, Lazywriter. She has a decent sense of humor, and comes across as intelligent. Hey, you asked!

Oh, and by the way, there seems to be a large concentrations of boobons in that picture;-)
4bykn--a question...merckx56
May 12, 2002 1:39 PM
are boobons a combination of boobs and bonbons? it would seem a likely progression! just wondering!
May 12, 2002 2:29 PM
perhaps a combination of two food groups? (Sorry, couldn't resist.)
Very funny!!Justride
May 12, 2002 9:42 PM
Who cares what she looks like! She has a huge heart, wit and brains. What more could a thinking man want? Go lick your wounded ego on someother forum, JERK!
Allison is a chick?tarwheel
May 13, 2002 4:52 AM
I'd be willing to bet that AllisonHayes is a guy, not a chick. Whatever, I do enjoy his/her posts, certainly more than a certain person who goes ballistic at any mention of the L word.
maybe it is L's GF?cyclopathic
May 13, 2002 5:03 AM
they seem to have that love/hate relationship.
Anyways Pecos = Allison = troll
Boys will be boys!! Now for a new force, discovered by MIT.Jon Billheimer
May 12, 2002 9:03 AM
LMAO. Great Sunday morning humour!!!!
Thanks for verification on this matterrwbadley
May 12, 2002 10:26 AM
Excellent explanation! I had always been curious about this apparent gravity, now we have the reason. If I could just convince my wife of this force of nature.....
Really it's not my fault Honeeeee!