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watching the giro on oln(2 posts)

watching the giro on olncolosipm
May 12, 2002 6:28 AM
why is it that all the riders seem to be rinding mavic cosmos deep dish and, being a triathlete, all we have in america is zipp. i know that mavic is out there some places but overall I feel zipp is more accesible as a race wheel. do the pros in the euro circuit know something we dont?
Sponsorship, cost and availabilityboneman
May 12, 2002 7:24 AM
Mavic sponsors many of the teams, so it's free to the team. They're pro's but each team's got their own budget.

Cost- Being made in the US, the Zipp's would have VAT of 16-21% added onto the price and then the sum of the value plus VAT would be also charged import duty which is around, depending upon EU country, from the US, 25%. The math is not pretty.

Zipp's are getting better distribution in Europe but again, it's nothing like Mavic. Interesting to note that when I was in Lisbon for last year's Worlds, a fair number of riders in the ITT who would otherwise be sponsered by Mavic on their trade teams, were using a Zipp rear disk and Zipp deep aero rim front wheel when riding for their country.