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Hed Wheels previous post clarified(3 posts)

Hed Wheels previous post clarifiedabicirider
May 11, 2002 2:07 PM
Know I'm going to get bashed on this but I need to clarify a post made a couple weeks back by another person in regards to Hed Wheels, the quality and that they are no longer made in the USA. First of all let me start by saying no I'm not employeed nor to I have any financial interest or obligation with Hed. Yes Steve (Hed) and Annie (his wife) are friends of mine that I have known since the late 80's when I was with Dan Empfield of Quintana Roo. First of all all raw materials carbon metal etc are purchased here in the states. They then export the raw material to their machining factory (that they now own) in Spain. They only produce the blank Hed Alps and Hed 3 rims at the factory everthing is then shipped back here to the states where the wheels are assymbled at their location in MN. Like Annie was telling me the machinery was already in place in Spain so right off they saved about 1 million in tooling cost. Also they were very seriously thinking about brining all the tooling machinery here to the states, but they said the biggest problem is trying to convert the electricty to our voltage hard to believe such a pain. Anyways you can call this a plug spam whatever but I feel the post by the other person needed to be coorected. I truly feel Steve is one of the most honest hardest working R&D person there is it is his life. I really don't think Lance and the rest of the USPS squad would turn to him and want to use his products in the tour. If he was a fly by night non dependable pusher of inferiority products. Ok enough said. so go ahead and let me have it. Oh and by the way I personally use the Hed Alps and for me they are the fastest lightest wheels I have used in my 20+ years of cycling.
Feel free to email me if you feel this post is wrong or in bad taste
Thank you
Ray Still, North Carolina
re: Hed Wheels previous post clarifiedAkirasho
May 11, 2002 2:15 PM
... I must have missed any controversey in your original post, but I can say that I've purchased several HED products, both through vendors and direct... and when dealing with them, they've been straightforward (they built a custom 650C recumbent wheel with a near symetrical dish to handle the asymetrical rear stays on my Vision). I have no qualms with their products or their dealings... and I don't work for 'em either. They've always represented a good "value" to me.

We abide.

Remain In Light.
re: Hed Wheels previous post clarifiedCarbon fiber fanatik
May 11, 2002 6:20 PM
Guess what.. no bashing here. I own a set of hed 3's and i will never own another set of wheels unless they are hed 3's. why? i love them.. they flat out perform and i dont care where they are made. I also dont care what ppl say about the weight or other stupid comments about my personality. They just flat out work..! straight on.. cross winds on the aero bars.. they rule.