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Didn't someine ask about LASIK here a while back?(8 posts)

Didn't someine ask about LASIK here a while back?Mike P
May 11, 2002 5:45 AM
Well here's my story.

I was scheduled to have the procedure at 7:30 AM yesterday. After the pre surgery bs, I was taken down to the laser to have the thing take some pics of my eyes. It would not warm up properly. I got a really bad feeling about that and said I am not interested in getting it done on that machine. They told me the were about to cancel anyway. I didn't care. What if it had decided not ot play during the procedure?

I can hear it now. . .
Doctor: "Let's get started."
Nurse: "OK, Doctor. I'ts ready, nothing can go wrong now."
Doctor: "Here we go, Mike! Look at the red dot. Don't move."
LadarVision4000: "POP, POP, POP, POP, POP, POP. . .Fizzz "
Doctor: "Oh, SHIT!"
Nurse: "EEEWWW!"
Me: "sound of fear/sweat forming, still looking at the red dot."
Doctor: "uhh. . . hmmmm"
Nurse: "Doctor?"
Doctor: "Well, I've never heard of this before."

Well it didn't happen that way. The laser was repaired in a few hours and I work in the hospital so they called me to come back in at 3 PM. No problems this time. I was able to see already when I sat up from the table immediatly after the procedure, although everything was very foggy looking. And here it is less than 10 hours later and I can see pretty much with no problems. No discomfort in either eye. I can read close up. I can see far away. I get to watch the Gyro. I was afraid I would not be able to see well enough yet but I can!!!

I am happy I got the LASIK done. No more glasses, no more contacts. I can't do any strenuous exersize for 2 weeks but I figure I needed a week off anyway and will use the 2nd week to spend some easy time on the trainer, less than 120BPM heart rate.

Mike Icanseeagain Pugh
re: Didn't someine ask about LASIK here a while back?thdrk1
May 11, 2002 7:11 AM

A few days ago I posted the topic about Lasik. You said you were having it done on Friday, but I had no idea you would be able to use the computer so soon after the surgery. It's too bad about your first mishap, luckily all went well the second appointment. Please post more updates in the future and good luck with your two week rest period.
I have to get back to watching the Giro as today is my rest day.

Enjoy your blessing!! Won't work on these old eyes! :(nmcycleguy
May 11, 2002 10:33 PM
I had it done this past tuesday!bear
May 11, 2002 8:11 AM
all when well! but still everything is still foggy! I will most likely take a short 10 mile ride in few minutes and try it out! cant wait, I am going crazy, nice weather and I ccant ride for 2 more days...the key is to keep your eyes wet with the drops so you heal fasterthey tell me! Will keep you posted!
re: Didn't someine ask about LASIK here a while back?feathers mcgraw
May 11, 2002 8:24 AM
My doc was extremely cavalier about recovery. He said the main reason they advise against exercise is that people rub their eyes when sweat gets into them. I rode the next day. My eyes dried out and my vision went blurry, but after the initial panic I realized I was fine. You might want to ask your doctor if you can ride sooner.
Just returned from the "Day After" doctor visit.Mike P
May 11, 2002 12:17 PM
He says everything is looking great; 20/20 in the right eye and 20/40 in the left.

At 24 hours after the procedure, I do not have any fog in my vision, have had no pain whatsoever, nor have I had the expected feeling of dust or eyelash in my eyes. As for the 20/40 left eye, he explained my left eye was a little more swollen than the right and I should expect it to come closer to 20/20 over the next couple days as the swelling goes down.

I was really surprised to have the 20/20 in any case. Some Doctors, mine included, will insist on slight under-correction of near-sightedness on people nearing or over 40 years old in order to decrease likelyhood of causing an early onset of far-sightedness. 20/40 would be fine, 20/20 is GREAT!

As for the riding. . . elevation in blood pressure causes a corresponding increase in internal eye pressure. It is believed elevating the pressure within the eye can cause additional stress on the area of the flap. In effect, creating a small gap between the flap and tissue the flap is to heal to. It will still heal, just not as closely as it might have.

I will not be riding for a total of 7 days. At day 3, I am planning on starting walking at an easy pace for a good while. After day 7, I am getting back on the bike. Just planning to to 1 - 2 hours at a time, on the rollers, in the house, keeping the heart rate below 120 BPM.

I still just can not believe I can see!!! It's like I have my contacts in but, well I don't!

Just returned from the "Day After" doctor visit.bear
May 11, 2002 2:49 PM
I call the Doc office and they advise not to ride,,so I dint and will wait the full 7 days,,hey why take a change and screw up and good thing! right?
I think not riding for the full week is the only choice. nmMike P
May 11, 2002 6:11 PM