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Critique my training schedule?(2 posts)

Critique my training schedule?sodade
May 10, 2002 5:22 AM
I started off the year with high hopes of following a structured training program, but due to many factors, the program has devolved and I am looking for feedback on my current weekly schedule.

First, a little background. I got myself psyched up early this year (late Dec)and dilligently rode the trainer for 40-60 mins 6-7 days a week. Easy(ish) at first, then progressively harder with some easy days. As the weather broke (off and on in New England), I started riding on the road which, for me, is never easy - the roads here are always rolling and I fricking hate cars so I madly speed through the trafficed sections. Anyway, I rode 1-1.5hr rides in the freezing weather about 6 days/week. Then the weather got nicer and my program devolved...

I worked myself up to 3hr rides over 6 weeks, and now here is what my typical week looks like:

M - off
T - off
W - 2.5hrs medium speed
Th - off
F - 2-3 hrs a little easier than W
S - 3hrs hard
Sun - 3hrs medium

I have basically become a (three day) weekend warrior. This is due to a number of life factors (work, twin 2yr olds, etc...) and the fact that my legs are sore enough after the weekend that I need to take two days to get them back.

Maybe I should ride less hours over the weekend, but it is sooo fricking hard to not go on long rides when the weather is nice and I have a break in the responsibility flood.

I should also mention that my goals are:

1. Get faster and go longer so that, by mid June, I won't totally slow down my brother-in-law (retired Euro road racer) when I spend a month in Norway.

2. By Fall, be able to do a 3 day, 225 mile tour with some real climbs (2000ft+)

Any advice welcomed - thanks in advance
Some Thoughtsjagiger
May 10, 2002 6:31 AM
From what you say, it sounds like you are going too hard on your weekend rides, if it takes two days to recover. Without knowing your training plan, it seems like your base may not be as good for the effort you are putting in. However, if you are heading toward doing intense rides with your brother then I would wait until after you return to build more strength at a lower level of intensity. I think more days on the bike would help, if you have the time in your schedule. Then as you got closer to the tour you could add more intensity. FFT