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Look vs Speedplay vs Whatever(3 posts)

Look vs Speedplay vs Whateverhayaku
May 10, 2002 3:19 AM
Can someone who actually owns some Speedplay pedals do me a favor and weigh the pedals and cleats together? Same with Looks, Time, Shimano or anything else out there.

My coach recommended Shimano's Look style pedals but I've been reading about Speedplay and they look attractive. I'm going to have to send away for them as I can't get them in Japan so I want to learn as much as possible first.

It'll be interesting to see how much the whole system actually weighs, thanks in advance.

Pedal+Cleats weight comparison...5ive
May 10, 2002 4:44 AM
can be found here:

PS: I've used Looks(247,296,396) and SpeedPlays(X1). They are "completely" different pedals in how they work and how they feel. The only thing I never noticed was the weight difference.
Don't listen do the Speedplay bashers...biknben
May 10, 2002 12:07 PM
Contrary to what the SpeedPlay bashers claim, the cleats on SP pedals do NOT weigh 5 pounds.

They may have an arguement when it comes to excessive float or maybe small platform size.

I'm a Speedplay user now. After +10 years on Looks I decided to try something else. Only problem I had with Looks was creaking and occasionally slipping off when trying to get in. Only problem I have with Speedplay is the float is excessive IMO. I like float but don't need 30 degrees of it.