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Mid-week rides, how much do they help?(4 posts)

Mid-week rides, how much do they help?nn23
May 9, 2002 7:56 PM
Any weekend warriors out there? What is your average speed over a 10 mile flat course ?

As a weekend warrior my speeds have gone from 14+ mph last summer (my first year) to about 15+ mph this summer. However Ive seen an almost equal gain in the past two weeks that I started riding hard 1-2 times mid week. Which makes me wonder how much (mph) improvement can one expect simply due to these mid week rides?

My weekend ride is usually 40 - 60 miles
My mid-week ride (one or two) is about 40 - 60 minutes of almost breathless effort but well within my LT

- (Ex?)Weekend Warrior
A lotmickey-mac
May 9, 2002 8:27 PM
I wouldn't profess to be able to tell you what percentage increase in average speed you'll experience from one or two hard rides during the week, but they do make a big difference. I used to do group rides 3 or 4 mornings per week before work. I was amazed at the experience of "weekend warriors" who would join us for the weekday rides. Even though they had been riding every weekend day, their fitness level and speed increased quickly, even doing only one or two rides during the week. Even if the weekday rides seem like a chore, they'll make your weekend rides much more enjoyable.
re: Mid-week rides, how much do they help?guido
May 9, 2002 8:47 PM
They do help alot. Short rides may not work your heart that great, but they sure get your legs in shape. Just doing a couple of hills during the week will build up your leg strength. You can do short, high intensity intervals, working on good form, leg speed, get really pumped up, and be fresh on the weekends for those group hammerfests.

Simply adding up miles won't necessarily increase average speed. There's an old axiom: as endurance increases, speed goes down. So you work on both, speed during the week, endurance on weekends.
That's the whole reason I commuteretro
May 10, 2002 7:25 AM
Well, a lot of it, anyway. I can get 22-30 miles a day, three or four days a week, when I can sprint or do whatever I want without thinking about anybody else. Then on the weekends I can just go for long fun rides or tours with friends.