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Computer mounting problem(3 posts)

Computer mounting problemkhockey19
May 9, 2002 7:31 PM
Hey everyone i need some help here with a problem i've got on my hands... i've got myself a Giant TCR 0 from '01 and i have no damn clue how i can get a computer on the thing... First i need to find a magnet that fits the aero spokes on the Ksyriums... i kind of have that solved but im not too sure if the one i've got is gonna wobble around. then i didn't even tink about my Aero Carbon "Blade" Fork that all Giant's have... i went through three sencors today.. broke one and the other two wouldn't stay put im getting really agrivated but i know there's a computer/magnet combination that has to work since ONCE don't seem to be going computerless.
so hopefully someone out there knows what to do about this and i'll also post this in the components section b/c it kinda fits there better but i feel more people check here...
re: Computer mounting problemguido
May 9, 2002 9:08 PM
Avocet makes a kit that will fit any wheel-fork combo. Long wire ties will wrap around a thick fork. To keep it from moving, pull the wire ties tight with a set of pliers and cut off the excess. Mount the sensor down low enough on the fork so it can be positioned 2mm away from the magnet, usually mounted about where the spokes cross.

Have faith. It can be done.
I just installed on my Ksryiumsonespeed
May 10, 2002 6:05 AM
Someone gave me the Topeak Panoram as a gift. I was able to make it work by pushing the magnet all the way up the spoke to the place where it just barely fits. 5 minute epoxy and the screw and it will hold. My magnet is facing the wrong way but still triggers the sensor.

You may have a completely different set up though.

Good luck.