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I want to sell my bike but don't know the posts)

I want to sell my bike but don't know the
May 9, 2002 6:27 PM
It is a Litespeed Catalyst with Ultegra except for the rear derailure which is Dura Ace and only a few months old. The STI's work well, but they are scraped up from leaning against the wall in my house and on ride brakes. It has a new look ergopost selle san marco ERA saddle, one year old Profile AC fork & profile bar/stem. Speedplay X-2's, SPINERGY XAERO's (Yellow). The stickers on the frame look pretty good and the only bad thing on the frame is where the chain was sucked off when climbing and scrached it a little. I was hoping to get help deciding what to list it for in the classifieds, but I want to post a fair price and stick to it. I am taking a guess and saying around $1800 plus shipping. THIS IS NOT AN ADD I WANT TO KNOW IF YOU GUYS THINK I SHOULD LIST IT FOR MORE OR LESS? Thanks for your input, Andrew
Here are some ways to decide.Len J
May 10, 2002 4:08 AM
Go to ebay & check out closed auctions for similar bikes, this will give you some idea. Also check out the classifieds here and see what people list the Catalst for. E-mail the lister & see if he got it.

Rule of thumb is you will lose around 50% of value in the first year to year and 1/2. It drops slower from there.

You will need to know what year it is, size (mid size bikes aimed at average buyers have a larger market) condition etc.

I have heard that, while it is a hassle, you can sometimes make more by selling it in pieces.

My .02