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Cranks for Colorado hills(3 posts)

Cranks for Colorado hillsrory535
May 9, 2002 9:41 AM
Last year I had a bike with triple cranks. I purchased a new bike this year with double cranks as I felt the middle ring on my triple was too big and the small one just too small for climbs here in Colorado. But with my 39 and 25 cassette, find it a little tough on some of the hills here in Colorado. I can manage but if I was really fatigued, would have a hard time pedalling comfortabley up Lookout mountain and such type hills. I want to do the Mt Evans hill climb this year, but am concerned that I do not have a gear that I can just kick into and relax if I wanted to recover. Any thoughts and opinions from other Colorado riders would be appreciated.
re: Cranks for Colorado hillsStmbtDave
May 9, 2002 9:49 AM
I assume you mean triple chainrings - triple cranks would be just too wierd! I spent 2 Ride The Rockies and 2 Triple Bypasses looking down to see if I had "just one more lower gear". Yes, you can grind it out but as you say, you don't have a gear for recovery. I changed out my 39/53 double for a 30/42/52 triple and now I run a 12/23 rear cluster instead of the 13/26 I needed with the double. I now have two more lower gears if I need them. I'm glad I switched as I don't feel intimidated by the "hills" anymore.
re: Cranks for Colorado hillsCurtSD
May 9, 2002 1:45 PM
Why not go with a 53/39/30 triple - that's the standard Dura-Ace triple configuration. For me, with a 13-23 cassete the 39 chainring is good for most stuff, but it's nice to have the granny for serious hills (or for less serious hills after a long ride).