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Saddle survey(8 posts)

Saddle surveyDrSchu
May 9, 2002 7:50 AM
Ok, here goes. I have a new max flight trans am which came with the new bike. Is slightly firm and uncomfortable. Will it break in over time? What do you other non-racing recreational riders recommend? My LBS recommended the Prolink Gel. Your thoughts please.
re: Saddle surveylaffeaux
May 9, 2002 9:47 AM
I have a Flight Gel, and after 800 miles of riding it's no more broken in than the day I bought it. I'd not expect the Trans Am to change much.

I'd give the saddle I'm using a "B" grade. It's okay, better than most, but certainly not amazing. Unfortunately I don't have any better recommendations for a saddle that's still being made.'s not Friday...Crankist
May 9, 2002 10:11 AM
...but for comfort full recommendation of the Pro Link
Gel. Weight a bit high @ 350ish gr, but imo the most comfortable under-ass bike widget ever.
your butt breaks in, not the saddleDougSloan
May 9, 2002 10:34 AM
Firm is pretty good, actually. Your butt will either get used to it, or not. If not, I'd try something else. I've probably tried 15 saddles. Some I know won't work in the first 10 minutes, some after 100 miles. Some seem to feel fine forever. If you don't have a lot of saddle time built up already, just about anything may feel uncomfortable after a while.

Saddles are not necessarily how they appear or live up to claims or seemingly obvious design "improvements." Gel is not always more comfy, splits don't necessarily relieve pressure, and bigger isn't necessarily better. You really just have to try them for yourself.

re: Saddle surveyAndy M-S
May 9, 2002 12:59 PM
Depends on how you sit. Are your bars significantly lower than your saddle? If so, something light the Flite will work well. If your bars are significantly higher, then something like a Brooks B17 will work better. I've ridden both saddles and like them both (which initially surprised me). I think that the more upright your riding position tends to be, the wider your saddle ought to be. Firm is good, no matter what width, and level is good (likewise).
re: Saddle surveySnakebit
May 9, 2002 5:12 PM
I have a flite trans am and rode it all last summer. Neither it nor my butt broke in. I went back to my fizik vitesse and it is great. Fizik makes a couple of mens saddles, the vitesse being the womens model, all three would be worth looking at if your lbs has them. If the saddle hurts you, try something else. Some guys could ride a two by four, some of us need a little more padding.
re: Saddle surveyJon Billheimer
May 9, 2002 5:54 PM
Having read the recent thread regarding Brooks saddles, this may surprise some of you. On the advice of a highly respected coach I ordered a Brooks Pro Team. It arrived today and I set it up with some trepidation. Well...I've never sat on a bike saddle that provided the degree of comfort and support of this one. I could tell by the time I rolled off the end of my driveway, and two hours and umpteen hills later it only felt better. And I ride with a handlebar position 10 cm lower than my saddle too! This saddle provides superb support for your sit bones, no matter where you position yourself on it, and because of its firmness no core energy is dissipated through the saddle. Its combination of width and slab-sidedness provides a base of support for adductor and glute activity which I found enhances power to the pedals.

I know from previous discussions that a Brooks is a "love it, or hate it" kind of product. Well, I love mine, and I hope it doesn't "break in" too fast. San Marco will never see my business again!
re: Saddle surveyHENRY K
May 9, 2002 6:13 PM
I have been using a Max Trans Am for about two years. It wasn't bad but I am always searching for something better. I ordered a Brooks B-17 tried it for one day in all different positions and did not like it one bit. I sent it back to exchange it for a Brooks Team Pro. Hope it works out as good for me as it did for you. I hope that I receive it on Friday so I have it for the weekend.