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How many days prior to century to go off diet?(3 posts)

How many days prior to century to go off diet?rpicayo
May 8, 2002 9:56 AM
The century is in two weeks. I'm currently consuming about 500 calories less a day than I would normally. My question is how many days before the century should I return to normal calorie consumption. Is the day before sufficient? Two days? More? Would just a big night-before-carbo load do the trick?
May 8, 2002 10:51 AM
typical carbo-method for runners is:

4-3 days before the race: Absolutely no carbs.
2 days before the race: Nothing but carbs.
day before the race: Single serving of carbs (spaghetti dinner traditional).

The big-single night-before carbo load alone wont do it.

1. Carbo loading in that manner isnt effective
2. All those carbs the night before will sit in your system like a lead brick.

are you dieting FOR the century? or just conincidently doing both at the same time? I'd give up the diet until afterwards.
I do fine on ...Humma Hah
May 8, 2002 4:00 PM
... sticking with my modest weight-loss diet (half a pound a week, long term) until the day before the run. The night before, I have a carb/protein/fat diet (mac and cheese with ground beef, usually) so fill up on calories but moderate their burn with protein and fat. I used to do spagetti, but could taste the sauce the following day.

The morning of the run, more carbs and some protein to "top off the tank", at least 2 hours before the ride. If starting from home, a big bowl of hominy grits and an egg on top. Rice is also good. If stuck in a motel room, I may resort to a couple of power bars. You want a slow-burning carb that your body tolerates well.

I'd experiment on some training rides first, though. Too many carbs of the wrong type may cause gas or other problems. Some foods burn off too fast, are gone in 20 miles. Grits power me for about 50 miles.