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Cycling Coverage Going Mainstream?(6 posts)

Cycling Coverage Going Mainstream?Alpedhuez55
May 8, 2002 8:29 AM
I was watching ESPN last night and on the ticker where they usually post baseball scores they posted about Jan Ullrich skipping tour. Do you think this means that our sport is going to get more covereage? It was interesting to see that note especially since the tour is two months away and most of the the viewers would be hard-pressed to name a tour contender other than Lance Armstrong.

I also see more cycling results in my local news paper, the Boston Herald. It used to only be the TDF but I have seen results from the Paris-Nice, Paris Roubaix, Milan San Remo and other classics.

It is nice to see more cycling coverage in the mainstream media for events that Lance is not racing in.

Mike Y.
re: Cycling Coverage Going Mainstream?woodes
May 8, 2002 9:34 AM
It seems that cycling coverage in the U.S. comes and goes depending on the success of American riders. In '86, Lemond's victory garnered some headlines (mainly because it was the first American win). Later, when he won in 1989, the coverage was unbelievable. Remember the Taco Bell commercials? Press attention waned in the mid-90s after Lemond retired and it seemed that Lance was out of the sport for good. Now we've seen a huge resurgence after Armstrong's wins.

My brother is a TV sportscaster and always tried to include TDF stage results in his broadcasts, but he realizes that 99% of the people want baseball scores and NASCAR results. The pendulum is just swinging our way these days.
No, our sport is not going to get more coverage..........yoman
May 8, 2002 11:03 AM
in a sense it will get more coverage because there are like 700 channels and they have to air something, but cycling will never be a mainstream sport in the U.S. Americans just don't appreciate the nuances of certain sports like cycling and soccer. It seems most of us need to watch sensational, slap you in your face sports like pro football. The only thing that could help to make cycling more popular is rally sensational crashes, and lots of them.
As a member of the media I can assure you...Djudd
May 8, 2002 11:55 AM
that cycling will never get enough mainstream coverage. I have offered to cover events for my newspaper (for expenses) and was told there is not enough interest and it is too complicated. The real answer is the modern sport punditocracy that dictates coverage. All over the country big, fat editors and columnists rule over beat reporters. They aren't looking for new challenges, different news. They think sports means baseball, football, basketball, hockey,NASCAR and especially golf.
Here is a fact little known outside media: until the recent interest in Tiger Woods golf never had a large enough tv audience to make money, in fact, if it were not for demographics no advertiser would even give the broadcasts a second thought. The only reason there was so much golf on TV before Tiger Woods was the TV executives all played and wanted to broadcast it.
I was hoping that the ESPN would take the TdF to heart and given the original thrust of the network they should have. ESPN was bought by Disney and hired a bunch loser columnists - Kornheiser, Lupica, Wilbon ad nauseum and that was the end of any free-thinking. I hate to rant here but this very issue has been a bone of contention in my career. I have been told by too many fatso narrow-minded editors that cycling is not news. Heck, most newspapers don't carry regular soccer news - the most popular sport in the world by far.
The next time you see those fat wad columnists on a show like "the Sports Reporters"(btw.. these lunks are not reporters, reporters have a beat and work anonymously with only a by-line to identify them. Columnists, Ben Bradlee famously wrote, are the guys who hide in the hills until the fighting is over then come down and shoot the wounded) thank them for going out of their way to ridicule cycling and cyclists because that is exactly what they do.

-think I'll go for a ride...peace
No, our sport is not going to get more coverage..........ripper
May 9, 2002 12:40 AM
ill have to disagree with you yoman. im a fan of bicycle racing, snowboarding, equestrian events and many other not so mainstream sports. its not that i dont appreciate the nuances of soccer...its just that soccer SUCKS. the only redeeming aspects of soccer are the ridiculous rolling around on the ground players do when thy touch each other and the british hooligans beating each other to a pulp to pass the endless boring hours waiting for a goal.
re: slap you in your face sports like pro footballcyclopathic
May 9, 2002 4:49 AM
rugby or australian football would beat Am football any day and you know they'd never make it as mainstream.

I believe affection for certain sports has more to do with exposure: kids play little league, football in school and everyone drives the car. I'll bet soccer will be mainstream pretty soon.