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OK...Trucks aren't ALL bad...(8 posts)

OK...Trucks aren't ALL bad...biknben
May 8, 2002 5:11 AM
Was 15 minutes into my ride after work yesterday. Was riding on a county road towards a small town (Rt 518 in Hopewell, for all you NJ locals). The traffic lights slow traffic down to about my speed. At the last light heading out of town I find myself behind a truck.

I tuck in behind and start to wind it up a little. I knew I had traffic behind me so I wasn't going to get too crazy. Next thing I know I look down and I'm doing 36 MPH and I feel like I'm just spinning along.

It was at that point I had an out of body experience. No wind, no noise, nothing. In a few seconds I was effortlessly doing 40. I'm no stranger to these spends on a downhill but this was on a flat and I wasn't even trying.

At 41 mph the truck surged forward and I hesitated. It was all over. "Hesitate and you loose" is a quote I say often and it's exactly what I did. I spent the rest of my ride kicking myself.

I'll never look at a truck the same way.
re: OK...Trucks aren't ALL bad...Avanti Guy
May 8, 2002 6:08 AM
It is a good feeling drafting a truck, the most important thing to check is what they are carrying. Nothing worse than drafting a truck full of fertiliser, nothing better than drafting a truck with a big square crate on the back. And another thing to look out for are diesel transit vans, they often dont accelerate quickly at the lights so its easy to jump on the back of them.
re: OK...Trucks aren't ALL bad...CurtSD
May 8, 2002 8:10 AM
Way back when would occasionally try to keep up with school buses out on the country roads. They go about a mile, then stop and drop off kids, then repeat. Makes for a good interval workout, though you suck in a lot of diesel fumes (that might tend to explain a few things).
Try a boat sometime.Turtleherder
May 8, 2002 11:12 AM
Trucks are nice to draft but hard to see around sometimes. I have found that the best drafting is behind a pickup or SUV pulling a bass boat. You just line yourself up with the outboard motor and away you go. If you want to see what is coming down the road just pull out a little and look.
Rte. 518 in NJwoodes
May 8, 2002 6:40 AM
I live in Lawrenceville, and the 518 route is one of my favorite rides...It's amazing how rural that ride can get 1 hour from NYC and 45 minutes from Philly...especially since NJ is the most crowded state in the union...the hill coming out of Lambertville is murder, isn't it?
Rte. 518 in NJbiknben
May 8, 2002 7:21 AM
Live in Robbinsville, work in Pennington. When I'm not commuting by bike, I ride the Sourlands Mtn. roads after work. On weekends I sometimes cross Wash. Crossing, go up River Rd. to New Hope and come back across through Lambertville and climb up 518. I like it.

I too am fond of the rural atmosphere. I enjoy the roads between Rt 518 and 514. Rural backroads with nice rollers.
just dont attemptSteveO
May 8, 2002 7:28 AM
to cross WC bridge ON the bike.

That 'ol timer manning the bridge is brutal!
I bitch about him all the time...biknben
May 8, 2002 7:40 AM
I usually make it about 100 ft before he starts screaming. Then I get off and walk.

I avoid the crossings after work because I don't want to waste time walking my bike over the bridges. It's the same way at the New Hope/Lambertville crossing. Total BS if you ask me.

Has anyone ever been given a summons for riding across these bridges? What's worse, the fact I can't ride across the bridge or that that man is paid to sit there all day and do nothing?