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Washington DC(6 posts)

Washington DCHENRY K
May 8, 2002 3:56 AM
I have to go to Washington D.C. at the end of the month on business. I have heard that there is good biking (road) in the area. Is it worth while driving from Chicago so I can bring my bike with?

Can anyone give me suggestions on good rides in DC?
There are a lot of posters here who live in/near DC.MB1
May 8, 2002 4:20 AM
How far do you want to ride?
What time of day?
Weekdays or weekends?
You ok with MUTs?

If you have a car you can drive just a few miles out of the city (or take the Metro on weekends) and be in rural cycling paradise for the entire ride. Give us some more details and I am sure we can set you up.
Tons of stuff--need more info.djg
May 8, 2002 6:31 AM
DC itself is not mountainous, but it does have hills that put Chicago to shame (spent 6 years in Chicago and I know what's around). There are decent--if not very long--hills in north Arlington, just across the river from DC and accessible by bike path. Road choice depends on time and day. On weekends, parts of the Rock Creek Parkway are closed to traffic and offer some nice rides (although it can get a little crowded on the main drag during the prime part of the day). You can do circuits in the park or keep riding out into Maryland. For MUTS: the Capital Crescent trail starts at the end of K Street in Georgetown. It's a great, albeit short (7 miles, give or take), trail that runs to downtown Bethesda. It's uncrowded during the week, and early on weekends. Noon on a Saturday sucks. There's also the W&OD trail which runs, roughly, from the Potomac to a town a bit more than 40 miles west of DC. There's also a trail along the river that goes down to Mt. Vernon. Again, these can get crowded during the obvious parts of the day on a nice weekend. Within a one-hour drive (west out into VA, or north to the Catoctin area) are very nice rural roads with some good, sustained climbs. Let us know more particularly what you're looking for and I'm sure folks will have some good, concrete suggestions.
Tons of stuff--need more info.HENRY K
May 8, 2002 1:16 PM
I am looking for some scenic 25-40 mile routes. I guess if there are bike paths instead of riding on the road that's OK too, but I don't want to compete with roller bladers or skateboards.
What time of the day, what day of the week.MB1
May 8, 2002 3:57 PM
Try e-mailing me.
Day and Time? (nm)djg
May 9, 2002 5:53 AM