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IT band/ LCL pain and pedal position??(1 post)

IT band/ LCL pain and pedal position??rider5673
May 7, 2002 5:57 PM
Set out on a long ride last weekend with different shoes which don't allow my heel to angle in slightly towards the crank and position my feet slightly more outboard. After about 45 miles, right knee says "bam! no more".
It gives the feeling of a stretched/ slightly torn lateral collateral ligament, or possibly IT band (less likely- irritation is mostly on outside of knee directly).
My question: Is any one out there sensitive to the width of the cranks/ pedal location as I seem to be?
Does anyone out there have any similar experience, and what cure have you found works for you? (Yes, I will carefully reset my cleats, and these are SPD style pedals with some float)
I've been off the bike for 5 days, but the weather has turned the corner and I'm itching to get going- how long did it put you off the bike?