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First race of the season, and a "podium" spot!(1 post)

First race of the season, and a "podium" spot!EJC
May 7, 2002 5:38 PM
...and I took second!!!

Okay, so it wasn't a road race EXCLUSIVELY, it was a duathalon, with a 1.2 mile run, 9 mile bike, and a second 1.2 mile run, but there WERE BIKES!!!

Here in the Adirondacks (Lake Placid and Saranac Lake Region) there are TONS of great athletes who really make you push your limits, and tonighht was no exception! I wasn't really into doing the race tonight, as I had done a lot of miles on the bike over the weekend and did a nice mild paced long run last night, but a chap who works in the office next to mine was racing and I decided to do so as well. MAN there are some fast lads here!

At the start gun, Matt, the lad from the next office, takes off like a freakin' jackrabbit! I was gasping for O2 as I struggled to stay within SIGHT of this guy! Another lad was behind me and he yelled out "Holy Sh*t! I'll settle for third if this pace keeps up!" I was thinking the same thing!

We settled into a mellower pace and finished up the run and I decided to forgo transitioning into bike shoes and hit the bike in my running shoes. Now understand that I use speedplays, so there is almost NO platform! I was struggling but hit the juice as hard as I could and managed to maintain the second place position.

The chap in front threw his rear derailleur into his spokes and had to DFA which sucked, because he EARNED that first place spot had he finished! A very talented athlete!) so at this point I thought I had the race! BUT, the chap from behind me hit HIS gas pedal and past me. I didn't have the legs to get him...*sigh*...but I had a hell of a fast and rewarding bike split and I know where I have to imrove for TT's and other duathalons for this year!

My second run felt HORRIBLE but the always do! I did manage to pick up a bit of a faster pace on it than I thought I would and I HAPPILY took second!

I ended up winning a half liter of Pure Adirondack Maple Syrup for the effort and had a grand time! I can't wait for next Tuesday's race!