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Planning a road trip from Reno to northern Cali area...(4 posts)

Planning a road trip from Reno to northern Cali area...Empirion75
May 7, 2002 3:25 PM
Where are the best places to ride? I've heard Napa is nice. What about Chico or Sac town?
If those are the choices...rideslikeagirl
May 7, 2002 3:49 PM
I'd have to go with Napa.

Spent a weekend there last year and absolutely loved the riding. Highly recommend the Mt Veeder loop.

I lived near Chico years ago, and only picture flat with brown fields.
re: Planning a road trip from Reno to northern Cali area...SnowBlind
May 8, 2002 6:58 AM
Napa is great!
Go to Calistoga and visit Palisade's bike shop, most days you can talk Tom (he will run into the ground) or one of the other guys to go on a ride with you, or at the least, give you one of the local loop ride slips. These will keep you off the tourist roads, where things are a little hairy.
They have some pretty bikes on display, Bianchi, Kona, Seven, and a local builder, Inglis.
Right next door is a Spa, I forget the name, and they will let you use the outdoor hot springs and pool all day for under $10.
Check out Hydro Bar for a little refreshment afterwards. They have about 15 Micro beers on tap. Food is OK.

Sacramento is OK, but hot, and lots of glass on the roads. The bike trail is great, but only midday during the week. Other times you will fight the walkers/runners/pedestrians on bikes.
If you do decide to come to Sac, post it here and I will post slips for the Jackson/Ione metric (4000 feet) and the English Colony loop, about ~45 miles and ~2400 feet.

Chico is fairly flat but a college town. I would'nt ride there myself.
Better scenery in Napa; more to do in Sacramentocory
May 8, 2002 7:51 AM
Napa's a beautiful area to ride in, with a couple of precautions. One is that if you're there on a weekend, you have the wine-tasting traffic to contend with--by midafternoon, people are weaving around pretty bad. Sacramento's a pleasant city, but still a city. The American River Parkway (or something like that; I've ridden most of it but can't remember the name) is a big-league bike path. You've got the river, Old Sacramento, the capitol (worth a cruise around the grounds this time of year even if you don't care that the governor works there) all right there, and it's dead flat (parts of Napa are hilly). I like Chico a lot, and Honey Run Road up to Paradise is a classic local ride (did a century there a couple of weeks ago), but it's essentially a small college town rapidly changing from rural/ag to subdivisions. All are fairly bike-friendly, or at least bike-aware. And--warning--all can be hot as hell all through the summer beginning in the next few weeks. Sac and Chico are often 100+ with some humidity. Napa's a little cooler, but 90-95 is common. Even at night, it may stay in the 80s.