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Anyone use a Bento Box?(8 posts)

Anyone use a Bento Box?DougSloan
May 7, 2002 9:48 AM
If so, what do you think?
I've eaten more than my fair share of bentos.Ken of Fresno
May 7, 2002 10:13 AM
I like the ones with the maki sushi rolls and curry rice or the inari zushi and fried noodles. In case you were wondering, "bento" is Japanese. It literally means "portable lunch." And "bako" is sort of Japanese English for "bag." Looks like a neat idea for those that want to eat their sushi on the go. It'd be kind of hard using chopsticks while on the bike though.

waiting for the "Hammer-roll" nmDougSloan
May 7, 2002 10:21 AM
Best bento = unagi bentoPeterRider
May 7, 2002 2:32 PM
yum yum, go to Tokyo fish market (Tsukiji) and get a unagi-bento for about 1000Y. Eel well prepared, you can't get much better than that :-))


maybe a mix of unagi with some hamachi as well. ;-) NmSpirito
May 7, 2002 3:01 PM
re: Anyone use a Bento Box?flying
May 7, 2002 3:12 PM
I am always amazed when watching the Spring Classics.
Ever see how much food + jacket/arm warmers, small flasks of mystery potions etc. the pro riders carry? Their jersey pockets look super full. The Belgians really have it down. I guess they are use to having to pack a bunch of things in case the weather turns bad.

I tend to do the same & even take a cell phone in my pocket now that they are so small. Never needed it but if I am riding over 50mi alone I take it. So I would say no way is that ugly box going on my bike ;-)
re: Anyone use a Bento Box?JimP
May 8, 2002 6:26 AM
I agree with the ugly part but... I can see the need for a triathlete to have a place to carry some food. I used to form a couple of power bars around the top-tube. It would be a lot easier to use the bento-box for that or gu or even a bagel.
re: Anyone use a Bento Box?theBreeze
May 8, 2002 6:35 AM
Saw one for the first time Sunday. A woman in our group 80 mile ride had one. Kind of cool. I can see how some people might find it useful.