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Setting up cleats(4 posts)

Setting up cleatskyvdh
May 7, 2002 9:39 AM
I switched to clipless pedals back in December and around that time got a bad ache in my foot (left foot, outside edge where the first toe joint closest to the ankle is). It seems to mostly be inflammation and does not hurt when riding or running, but after I sit for awhile and then walk on it, it gets pretty painful. In my efforts to self diagnose, I'm trying to find information on getting the cleat in the right position. Most articles don't spend much time on the issue other than to say under the ball of the foot. It seems to me that is a pretty broad area within the adjustment of the cleat. Do you all have any advice about positioning cleats? Or has anyone experienced a similar foot pain and found a solution?
My guess iselviento
May 7, 2002 10:48 AM
my guess is it's got more to do with the shoes than the cleat position. My feeling is the more backwards you place the cleats, the harder your calves have to work on each pedal. And if the cleats are mounted to the inside of the shoes, then that increases the Q factor and may have an effect on your legs and Knees.

But foot pain is more likely related to the shoes. Some shoes have flat soles while others have arched ones. Just my $.02
re: Setting up cleatsCT1 Guy
May 7, 2002 11:17 AM
Typically poor cleat position results in knee rather than foot pain. Suggest you set up your bike on an indoor trainer and get someone knowledgeable to watch from behind -that usually shows up poor cleat position. Are both your cleats in the same relative position on each shoe? Agree with previous poster re shoes - are you using an SPD type pedal by chance? The small cleat area can cause pressure points, particularly on less stiff shoes.
re: Setting up cleatskyvdh
May 7, 2002 11:41 AM
My shoes are a faily inexpensive MTB shoe (Lake MX80) with SPD pedals. I don't have pressure pain (hotspots). This is more of a footbone joint issue. Before I got the clipless pedals, I was using Power Grips and tennis shoes - go figure. Put on over 3000 miles in 2001 with no foot problems. I also began running in Nov 2001 but didn't get pain until January after getting new pedals / shoes. I hate to lay off riding to see if it will heal. It doesn't seem to get any worse. I may see an orthopedic doctor after my annual century ride Memorial day weekend. Would still love to hear of how others set up their cleats.