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First road bike advice(4 posts)

First road bike adviceDaddyEuro
May 7, 2002 6:20 AM
I'm considering buying a '92 Trek 2300 with Shimano 600 groupo, Look pedals, and Matrix Iso C-11 700C wheels for ~$550.

This is going to be my first "real" bike beyond my 30 year old Fuji Royale commuter. One of the main reasons I'm looking at this one in particular is the size - I'm 6'4 and it is 62cm.

So my questions are:
Is this a reasonable deal?
What's involved if I decide to upgrade the components in the future? (I think 14 speed will do me just fine for now, but some day 24 or 27 sounds awfully nice).

Thanks in advance for your advice-
The first cut on a used bike has to be fit.Spoke Wrench
May 7, 2002 6:50 AM
If the fit isn't right, it isn't a good deal regardless of price. fortunately for you, this bike sounds to me like it has a reasonable shot at fitting.

If the bike fits and is in good shape, you get to decide if the frame and components are a reasonable value for the money. If you are already thinking about upgrades, I'd have to take a pass at $550.00.

Your first two upgrades are likely to be a new wheelset and a new drivetrain. Both of these are biggies costwise and the expensive drivetrain/shifter upgrade has to be done all at one time. By the time you do that, (and don't forget to add in money for the Look compatable shoes) you will be awfully close to the cost of a new bike.

If it was me, I'd shoot him an offer of about $350.00. That's $350.00 that he can spend vs. a bike taking up space in his basement. If he balks, walk away and let him find another 6'4" buyer.
too old, too costly...C-40
May 7, 2002 8:06 AM
You should be able to get something a lot newer for $550. Components have changed so much in the last 10 years that upgrading will be costly.

Bikes that are 2 years old rarely go for much more than 50% of original retail. Look for something that already has 9 speeds, to minimize upgrade and repair costs.
May 7, 2002 11:01 AM
If I was buying that 10 year old bike, I'd forget about upgrades and be prepared to toss it once something goes wrong. Used bikes have little appeal if we are looking at low end models, if you consider the warranty and service you are giving up.