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hey weiwentg......(3 posts)

hey weiwentg......Spirito
May 6, 2002 3:12 PM
how's the shoulder comming along....i suppose by now you are sick of video games, junk food, tv and the net. id offer to sen porn but im not sure if it would help or hinder ;-)

is everything moving yet or do you still have the pins in place. just checking. its good to get a scar as long as it all heals.

hope all is well.

re: hey weiwentg......weiwentg
May 6, 2002 4:18 PM
the shoulder is as well as it can be. I have about 75% of my range of motion back (can't scratch my back with my right arm yet). the screws are in place, so the bone itself is not going anywhere. with any luck at all, I will be riding again by the end of the month. I already got the go ahead to get on a stationary bike. however, the stationary bike conjured up this image of a hamster running on one of those ferris-wheel contraptions they put in hamster cages to keep them entertained. it may be enough for hamsters, but it's not enough for me ... so I ended up borrowing a friend's trainer.
I'm even out of my sling, and there's only a little discomfort. I am also taking 2 grams of calcium a day. ouch, eh?
thanks for asking, dude. how'd the frame thing go?
hang in theretarwheel
May 7, 2002 4:25 AM
I broke my collarbone in high school, flying over the handlebars on my dirt bike (motorcycle). It healed up fine and it never bothers me, but I've been more careful ever since then. No more fast downhills offroad for me.

Can you lift weights? Might be a good way to make use of the time off the bike. I quit lifting (in my legs) because it seemed counter-productive to my riding -- my legs would be tired for several days afer lifting.