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Is my heart broken?(6 posts)

Is my heart broken?litespeed
May 6, 2002 9:40 AM
After a 13 year break from racing I decided to give it another go last year since I can race the 45+ this year. Last year my max HR was 200. I saw this in most races. This past Feb. my max dropped to 190 in about 3 days. After talking with my Dr. he convinced me that this is OK. (Based on 220 minus age BS etc.) This past week it just dropped another 10 beats. What's hapening to me? This is very discouraging to someone training 15-20 hrs a week. It's not overtraining because I took 3 days off after I saw this drop last Wednesday, and my resting HR is normal (49-50). I was told last year by a cardiologist that I could expect my Max HR to drop 1-2 beats each year. I've lost 20 in 10 weeks. I'm looking for any insight from you diehards.
re: Is my heart broken?turtlemoye
May 6, 2002 9:57 AM
It still sounds like you are over training. Try varying your workouts a bit and see if you can get it back to a higher level. I am assuming that you have rest days or VERY LIGHT RECOVERY days built into your plan.

Let us know how it progresses.

re: Is my heart broken?litespeed
May 6, 2002 10:14 AM
Thanks for the speedy reply. I guess I sould have given more details. This is my schedule for this week..... Today 1.25 Hrs @ zone 1 (recovery), Tues. 2 Hrs @ zone 4, Wed 3 Hrs @ zone 2, Thur 2 Hrs @ zone 4, Fri 2 Hrs @ zone 2, Sat 2 Hrs @ zone 4 or Race, Sun 3.5 Hrs @ zone 1 or Race. If I race on Sunday I take the monday completely off.
Thanks again
re: Is my heart broken?KEN2
May 6, 2002 12:13 PM
Well, maybe it's not classic overtraining, since your RHR is normal, but anecdotally I (and many others) have found that post-45 years old or so, you really notice that recovery from a hard effort just plain takes longer, sometimes twice as long. So if it used to take you a day off to recover, try two days now. It can be a tough adjustment if you're exercise-addicted, but if you're serious about training you may get more results with fewer hard days in your weekly cycle.
re: Is my heart broken?turtlemoye
May 6, 2002 2:02 PM
I agree with Ken. It sound like you need a complete day off during the middle of the week. I'm still in my late 20's but I would think that at 45 and after taking 13 yrs off that you may need more recovery. (I'm not saying you're old, sounds like you would drop me.) Recovery is the hardest thing to work into your training plan but also one of the most important. Try taking Thurday or Friday off all together for two or three weeks and see how you do.

Good luck,

re: Is my heart broken?litespeed
May 6, 2002 3:39 PM
Do you think that me taking off three days last week was not enough? I didn't even get on the bike Thurs, Fri or Sat. It was Tuesday's ride when I noticed my HR was not going up as normal. Normally when I'm having this problem from overtraining my resting HR in A.M. is on the rise, and I didn't see this last week.
Also Sunday when I took a 50 mile ride throught North Georgia mountains the highest my HR got was 181. It usually max's on these climbs or at least 95% of max. (194-200 last year on same ride)
Thanks for your imput. I respect and appreciate both you and Ken for commenting.