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Where to find cheap wheelbags?(3 posts)

Where to find cheap wheelbags?DT
May 6, 2002 7:22 AM
I'm looking for a set of cheap wheelbags to use inside my hard case when traveling in Europe...anyone got any ideas? Thanks!
ebay (nm)PaulCL
May 6, 2002 7:24 AM
Dead simple to make for about 10 bucks.cory
May 6, 2002 8:33 AM
You can make them in about 10 minutes if you have access to a sewing machine, or an hour or so if you don't. Go to a fabric store (a big warehousey place in the industrial part of town is best) and buy enough midweight canvas (or whatever else you like) to cover them. If it's 60 inches wide, you'll need a couple of yards. Trace around the wheel and cut four circles a few inches bigger than the wheel. Put the front sides of two pieces of cloth together and stitch a little more than halfway around (so you'll have an opening to put the wheel in), then turn it inside out so the front of the fabric's on the outside and the seam edges are hidden inside the bag. You can add a zipper or some other fastener if you want, but that's kind of a pain and you don't need it--they won't fall out in the hard case.