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Polar S710 Problem(4 posts)

Polar S710 ProblemBikewithadam
May 5, 2002 4:49 PM
Hey all--I'm having a problem with the IR interface on a brand new polar S710 computer. I just set it up yesterday and got all the bike sensors working (which are very cool by the way) but the problem is that I can't get the IR interface to work with my laptop computer. When I hold the watch in front of the sensor and trigger the interface on the laptop the watch start showing messages in the connect mode saying "Infrared COM 100%" and then the "100%" quickly jumps to "75%" and then is says "failed". It repeats this cycle rapidly several times and then the software times out and says that the watch won't respond. However, the laptop does accurately sense how many stored exercise files are in the watch. So, what it looks like is that a partial two-way transfer is taking place, but communications cycle can never finish for some reason.

I'm really perplexed by this behavior. I followed all of the directions and tried placing the sensors right next to each other, in the same angular plane, in a low-light setting, etc...and still got the same problem. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! It would be a bummer to have to send the computer back in before I've even ridden my new bike!


re: Polar S710 Problemda cyclist
May 5, 2002 4:57 PM
Couple of things. I'm assuming that you're not trying to use your laptop's built in IR port (assuming it has one). That's a whole 'nother can of worms. Do you have a pda? Check the software and make sure that it's not set to use the same serial port as the IR sensor. If it's not the pda software, look through all of the other programs that are running and see if any of them are trying to use that serial port.

I had problems like what you're describing when I first got my s710. It would seem like it was starting to connect and then it would time out. Every once and a while it would actually connect. Finally I figured out that I had another piece of software that was trying to use the port. I turned off that software and it started to work perfectly.
re: Polar S710 ProblemBikewithadam
May 5, 2002 7:28 PM
No, I'm not using the built in IR port and I don't have a PDA or any device like that, but that is a good thought to check to see if there's some rogue software. Barring that I'm at a loss. Do you know if there's a sure-fire way to see about serial port usage in Win/98? (I used to know how to do it on old school computers!)

re: Polar S710 ProblemBikewithadam
May 6, 2002 1:06 PM
I figured it out--it seems that the serial IR interface needs more power than what my laptop's serial port can provide it. The transfer feature works perfectly on a friends' desktop. Fortunately I'm not the only one having this problem and Polar is exchanging serial interfaces with USB ones for free. Nice!