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The comeback continues!(3 posts)

The comeback continues!PODIUMBOUNDdotCA
May 5, 2002 3:27 PM
After my accident in Trinidad on March 30th diving headfirst into the pavement at 60 km/h in a track race giving me a huge brain injury (100 times worse and potentially deadlier than a concussion) as of May 1st I started training again. So yesterday I decided to go for a run. 14 mins there and 18 mins back. My Polar S710 heart rate monitor has a heart rate graph that goes from about 105% of my max hr to 111%. Irregardless it was the best run of my life! My max hr in theory is 196 right now and it was up to 205 for the sprint at the end and averaged 191! Then to be even more crazy I sat on a physio ball while watching Ali not touching my feet for 3 hours to work my hip flexors cus of course the Power Cranks ( I bought don't do that enough.

The crash is available at
re: The comeback continues!amflyer
May 5, 2002 4:05 PM
That's Great!

All you need to do now is work up to 111% of your maximum speed! How did you get hurt again, I guess I didn't hear?

If my calculations are correct, you'll be taking 0.9th place in no time! By the way, did you know there is another forum at I'm sure they would love to follow your comeback too.

Just funnin' sound happy to back on the bike.

Take care N.C.


PS: What was the name of your site again?
Re: re: The comeback continues!PODIUMBOUNDdotCA
May 5, 2002 4:34 PM
My speed is coming! When I sprint is when my heart rate get up to over 110% of what it should be. Of course this is running... ugh. I'm still stuck inside on rollers but its snowing here in Calgary so meh.

Anyway what happened was I was in Trinidad for an early season track racing camp. In a 2 lap race of a 400 m track a Trinidadian (who ended up crashing as well) took out my friend going into the last lap who fell directly in front on me and I had no chance to get around him at 60 km/h so I tried to jump him... with a fixed gear this didn't work especially since my friend is no small guy. So with my weight up I basically was sent flying when my front wheel stopped and landed head first on my head and even with a helmet suffered a severe brain injury. 15 minutes in a coma and 2 weeks of amnesia sleeping 22 hours a day. A pretty scary thing!

And I'll get to velonews in time!

Finally just cus you asked my website is . Podium Bound was just the name my team came up with when getting the site online but now I know I can push my body harder than ever before. And hey I only spent a month off the bike. So it basically means I can be Podium Bound at any level of competition. Now I just gotta put the hours in.

Take care,
Nick Corcoran