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$1500 Alum/Carbon Ultegra Bike?(10 posts)

$1500 Alum/Carbon Ultegra Bike?fatroadie
May 5, 2002 2:55 PM
Anyone seen the new Douglas Fusion from Colorado Cyclist? Seems to be pretty nice, but I don't know much about the Douglas line. Anyone have any experience with them? This bike/buildup is one hell of a deal, but it doesn't matter if it's a lop sided frame or falls apart in a year or two, right? Gimme some opinions...thanks!
Probably a brand new line...PODIUMBOUNDdotCA
May 5, 2002 3:16 PM
I'd say they are brand new and since they just want to get their name out they are selling such a nice bike at such a cheap price. Then if anything happens down the road go to Colorado Cyclist and if that doesn't work just go straight to the manufacturer and ask for warranty. If they are a new company they want their record to be impecable and any blemishes will hurt them. Like Cannondale always warranteeing broken frames ever though people called them Crack-n-dales and Crappondales... either way I've always had good experiences with mine but in the early years of aluminum frames they did snap easily at times.

I'd say go for it!
Nick Corcoran
the comeback stalls....Jekyll
May 5, 2002 4:52 PM
Douglas is a Colorado Cyclist house brand - as such there is nothing "new" about them: just another house brand probably built by an offshore manufacturer and labeled with the CC Douglas brand. I don't know who makes their al/cf frames but I would guess its some of the same people in Asia who make GT, Trek al, etc.
Its probably as "good" as any other frame in its price range construction wise and built to CC design criteria.
The Douglas Ti frames are made by TST in the US.
Looks nice and has good stuff hanging off of it. Probably not a bad deal if it fits. I would check CC's return policy before buying something I cannot test ride before the fact.
May 5, 2002 6:31 PM
I thought it may be a new name brand cus I never heard of it before even though I occasionally order from CC. But ya like you said a lot of name brands are made in Asia and are quality built. This keeps costs down for the consumer as well however people just don't like the fact they aren't made in the US.

Crazy good groovy sexy cool spec.Sintesi at home
May 5, 2002 4:54 PM
And podium bound/brain damaged wonderboy above (I wish him a speedy and full recovery) is correct. My understanding is CC is marketing their own brand like Excel ala' Macalu fame. Speculation is they have a Taiwanese manufacturer for the Fusion and badged it under the Douglas name. The Ti bike is made by another firm that used to make the same model for Mongoose a while back. To move these units they specced the crap out of it and there is the good deal you see in the CC catologue.

My experience is that CC is a good company that will stand by their product. Ask a lot of questions, bug them about everything before you make your decision but it looks pretty cool to me. If you want to look at it this way: the full Ultegra and the Velomax wheels combined at retail almost equal a frame for free. I don't think you can go terribly wrong here.

As always, $0.02 worth.
Crazy good groovy sexy cool spec.da cyclist
May 5, 2002 5:27 PM
The Macalu is a litespeed (I forget which model). If you call them and ask, they'll tell you so.

The other poster mentioned something about asia and trek. My understanding is that trek manufactures everything here in the good old USA.
Arenberg.Sintesi at home
May 5, 2002 5:39 PM
You're right, the Excel Ti house brand is made by Litespeed. Dunno if it is made to same specifications as its Litespeed countepart. Excel does have an aluminum "Macalu." Couldn't tell you who made that for them.

Point is, neither CC nor Excel are manufacturers themselves, they are retailers contracting others to make these products for them and marketing them under their own house names.
Not exactly,TJeanloz
May 6, 2002 8:17 AM
One of the Macalu frames is made by Litespeed and is an Arenberg re-badged. They did offer one in 6/4 ti (I don't know if they still do), and that one was not made by Litespeed- I surmised, but could never prove that it was made by the same facility that makes Colnago's Ovalmaster.

In this era of global commerce, we need to be careful about branding whole bike lines; even the statement that Litespeeds are made in the United States is no longer true.
Lower end Trek's are made in Asia (nm)Dave Hickey
May 5, 2002 5:48 PM
re: $1500 Alum/Carbon Ultegra Bike?gtx
May 5, 2002 5:57 PM
Supergo offers the same kind of deal with the Scattante. If Al/carbon floats your boat and you think it would fit, go for it. Personally, I'd rather have one of these Viners GVH sells built up with Ultegra for $1300.