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"Modifying" an alum lug on a carbon frame??(2 posts)

"Modifying" an alum lug on a carbon frame??B2
May 5, 2002 8:58 AM
Well since I'm without a crank on my normal ride for few days (another story) I pulled out the backup bike for a spin. It is a Specialized Allez Epic (carbon). My brother was the last to use it so I needed to adjust the seat height. When I loosened the binder bolt, the aluminum lug that holds seat tube, top tube, seat stay and is also the seatpost clamp broke at the binder bolt hole.

Sems like I have a few options 1) throw the frame away. 2) Reattach the broken piece. 3) Modify the lug to accept seat post clamp. I am thinking #1 is the most likely and #2 the least since I don't think cast aluminum can be welded or brazed or ?? That leaves #3.

What do you all think about trying to remove enough material from the top of the lug to slide a seat post clamp over the top? There's about 3/8" of the lug sticking up above the top tube.

Any other ideas? Maybe I could sell it on ebay :-)

I don't see why you can't, exceptelviento
May 5, 2002 9:02 AM
except it takes quite a bit of work to file it to the right size and round enough.