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Total Cycling(17 posts)

Total CyclingMilestogo
May 4, 2002 9:49 PM
The prices for the Colnago C-40 are considerably lower @ the Total Cycling web site. ($3,800 elsewhere vs $2,550!) Not only the C-40, but many products are advertised at substanially lower cost.

Seems almost too good to be true or is everyone jumping at the opportunity? If you have any experience ordering from Total Cycling, please let me know as I am seriously considering purchasing the C-40.

re: Total CyclingDave Hickey
May 5, 2002 4:53 AM
I've order many things from Total Cycling. They have very good service. Total Cyling isn't the only UK company with great prices. Also check these out:

I've ordered from all of the above and haven't had any problems.
It's true....C-40
May 5, 2002 5:29 AM
I've been riding the 2002 Rabobank C-40 that I purchased almost entirely from totalcycling, for a couple of weeks now. Sold my 2000 model on E-bay.

The frame arrived by DHL air freight only 3 days after it was ordered. I got a bill from DHL for an additional $80 in duties about a week later.

I also ordered Mavic SSC SL wheels and most of a Record group. This part of the order was shipped 5 days later (don't know why)and also arrived in 3 days. No duties were charged on this order. Total shipping added to the bill was $30 for everything. For some reason, the amount charged to my credit card was $110 less than calculated by the "currency converter". No complaints there.

The explanation for the cheap Colnago price is the elimination of two middlemen. If you purchase domestically, Trialtir gets a cut and so does the local dealer.
re: Total CyclingJekyll
May 5, 2002 8:28 AM
The only thing I have ordered from them has been a set of Sidi Energies. I ordered on a Thursday and received them Monday of the following week. The total cost, delivered was about $100 less than buying from CC or Excel, etc. Plus they got here faster than UPS ground would have from either of the above.
I would not hesitate to purchase from them again.
re: Total CyclingCT1 Guy
May 5, 2002 9:27 AM
Most of these companies buy direct from manufacturers in Europe and therefore avoid the 35-50% distributor margin that you typically pay for a wholesaler.

These are still genuine, bona-fide products, but you will not get the benefit of a local warranty - these are typically limited warranties which are usually worthless.

Living in the UK I have dealt with many of these companies over the years and enjoyed their low prices and good service.
Keep in mind...Ian
May 5, 2002 12:15 PM
... that when buying from totalcycling you do not get warranties of any kind. He is not an authorized dealer of any products, therefore warranties from the US and all other countries are void. It is the same as buying products from a private seller.

And I would not say that they are all worthless. Would you consider the warranty on a $2,000 frame worthless? How about Sidi road shoes, which otherwise have a lifetime warranty?

Yeah, rightpmf1
May 6, 2002 6:52 AM
Sidi shoes have a lifetime warranty. Against what? Manufacturing defects. I'm sure you can just trade them in every couple of years when they wear out for a new pair. Same with the frame warranty. For Colnago, its 2 years. Is it worth $1300 for a two year warranty? That's the difference between what you pay in the U.S. ($3800) and what you pay in the UK or rest of Europe ($2500). I think for $1300, I'd roll the dice. Colnago doesn't have a bad reputation for frame failures. Plus, if Tialtir is willing to scalp U.S. residents, I doubt they take care of warranty work very well either.
Yeah, rightIan
May 6, 2002 7:12 AM
Yes, you are correct, Sidi shoes do have a lifetime warranty against material and manufacturing defects. So, if your shoes are just plane worn out, lets say the lorica wears out form rubbing the crankarm, then of course they won't be replaced. But, if the soles delaminate or there is a tear at the stitching, that would be covered.

And you are also correct that it may very well be worth your while to roll the dice on frame warranties. I don't think anyone would argue that $1,300 is quite a bit of money.

But, many people do not know about the difference in service and warranties. And when comparing prices, they need to be aware they are not comparing apples to apples.

There was another post last week about someone who had bought a set Ksyrium wheels and then had problems. That is when he found out, the hard way, that he did not have a warranty.

Yeah, rightpmf1
May 6, 2002 8:17 AM
The post you spoke of was some guy who broke a spoke on a Ksyrium wheel and was shocked that Mavic would not replace it for free. If you bought a set of hand built wheels from a shop, rode them for a few months and broke a spoke, would you expect the shop to replace it for free? Of course not. For all they know, you're hopping curbs with the wheels.

In a sense, it is apples to apples. I think the ability to warranty something depends not so much on where you buy it, but what you buy. Break your Litespeed frame, and I bet any Litespeed dealer would warranty it because Litespeed stands behind what they sell. I once warranteed a pair of Shimano mtn bike shoes at a store where I didn't buy them. The soles were delaminating and it was a well know problem. Walked out with a new pair of shoes, no hassle. On the other hand, I'd expect problems warrantying a Colnago frame no matter where I bought it. Your good old LBS has little say in what happens. Its up to Trialtir who I doubt would be any better than parker international or any UK mailorder place. You send it to Trialtir, or wherever and they forward it on to Colnago where its placed in a back room and forgotten about. So then you're either betting on one or the other to keep bugging Colnago. Why do you figure the U.S. sole distributor is going to be better than someone else? In reality, he probably has less incentive than the UK shops. Either way, you're likely screwed.
Yeah, rightIan
May 6, 2002 9:14 AM
Well, I believe Mavic wheels have a one year warranty, so if a spoke did break, yes, I would expect it replaced. Would I expect that on a set of hand built wheels, no, because they don't come with a one year warranty.

And I agree with you on Trialtir, you would be hard pressed to have a smooth warranty process with them.

But, there are many other products that you could have a smooth warranty claim on. And that is my point, with totalcycling you do not have a warranty claim at all, whether it be through an LBS, the US distributor or even the factory itself. It is just like buying from a private seller.

Why notpmf1
May 6, 2002 11:34 AM
Why do you not have a warranty with sdeals or Parker? Can't you send the broken frame back to them as you would a LBS?
Why notIan
May 6, 2002 12:08 PM
I'm not sure about sdeals or Parker, I have not researched them. But for a warranty to be honored by a company, you must be the original owner and have purchased the product from an authorized retailer.

So, let say you live in the US. You go to your LBS and purchase a eurpoean frame. You have purchased through an authorized retailer and you now have a warranty, usually through the US distributor. Or, you live in the US, but order through the internet from an autorized retailer in europe, you now have a warranty from the manufacturer.

But totalcycling is buying these frames from retailers or other sources, not manufacturers or distributors. So in effect, they are the original owner. They then sell it to you, you are the second owner, no warranty.

It would be like me going to my LBS and buying a pair of shoes. When I get home I decide for whatever reason I don't like the shoes and sell them on e-bay. The person who buys them does not get the warranty I had with them.

TotalCycling is greatJohnG
May 5, 2002 12:25 PM
Mike is an A1 guy to deal with. I've bought well over $10K in frames and parts from him and had excellent service.

Don't believe hammerheads who say otherwise.

TotalCycling is greatS-U-B
May 5, 2002 1:31 PM
just orderd my look 381i from total cycling on friday. I bought some Ksyrium SSC's from them in december and had no problems. I sure hope my frame gets here in 3 days, can't wait. I did ask mike about a warranty, and he said I could deal with him if there were any problems.
that's a great frame!JohnG
May 6, 2002 5:57 PM
I got my brother's 381i from Mike about two months ago.

ride on
Sure it's true, but theydjg
May 6, 2002 7:08 AM
don't actually have the best UK Colnago prices. I've dealt with maestro-uk and recommend them (Mike Perry) highly.

Nothing against total cycling--I've bought a couple of things from them and got good, prompt service.

re: Total Cyclingbnlkid
May 6, 2002 12:08 PM
I thought I would put my two sense in. I have had great experience with Total Cycling. Take the Assos bib shorts for example. The EVOs are $50 less with Total Cycling than anywhere in the US. The T-bibs are $36 less. I now have 4 excellent pair of shorts for $172 less than if I went anywhere locally. And in case you are wondering why I would spend so much on shorts, be warned that once you try a pair, you won't want to ride in anything else. You also don't need to worry about warranty with shorts. I also took the gamble with a Colnalgo frame from sdeals a year ago. Never had an issue with the frame, so I think it's a good gamble.