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Colnago Asso(2 posts)

Colnago Assomwood
May 4, 2002 8:33 PM
Anyone ride one or have any comments/knowledge to share?
I test rode one today and was really impressed. Rides well with the c. flash fork and the seat tube a little laid back, but still seems to handle, respond and go. Climbs well, too. Much, much nicer than the Klein Quantum Race which I tried earlier this week (although, at $1000 used, I would have been tempted if it fit).
It was my first experience with the Campy Centaur gruppo and I'm not sure if I like the shifters. I'm used to Shimano and the Campy thumb "buttons" take some getting used to...anyone made the switch and does it eventually feel natural? BTW, Campy printing "10 speed" on the right hand shifter in big, white letters is one of the cheesier things I've seen from the land of high style...
One other question: The shop that built the bike has fitted a Campy Proton wheelset. I have a brand new set of Mavic Cosmos sitting in the garage, and could save about $400 if I gave up the Protons...any thoughts? I've used another set of Cosmos for a while and they have been zero maintenence items...they also match the black/yellow Asso perfectly...
re: Colnago Asso2wheelsonmywagon
May 6, 2002 9:17 AM
i,m glad you liked it as i,m thinking about one ..i posted an add just below yours wanting info on it and as i said it the frame and flash fork is still £750 in scotland....a bit steep.....does it feel lite and worth sticking dura-ace on it.any more info on it please.