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Frame like this i want!(8 posts)

Frame like this i want!Woof the dog
May 4, 2002 2:07 PM
you think anyone can make one for me? Where can I get one thats already made?

obviously not from that new jersey shop though!

howling softly for a frame

pinarello prologo...they pop up on ebay from time to timeSpirito
May 4, 2002 3:39 PM
the paint is original and like that. a sort of army camoflage style splatter. good frames usually trade for $350-$600. getting a straight answer on the size is a bit tricky but indeed thay are sexy looking bikes that are underappreciated.

here ya go...Spirito
May 4, 2002 3:52 PM
hot pink (purple?) and again from jersey (?)

i would wait for a camo frame as i know a guy who has one and they look so cool in real life. he has to carry two spare tubes (he's a courier) with the 650c front and 700c rear. i think they came in grey hues as you have pictured, he has a green/khaki, and ive also seen a blue version as well.

without getting into politics shimano dosn't belong on them.

good luck.
you really want it?Qubeley
May 4, 2002 5:09 PM
My friend has one, identical frame. Size 56 I believe.
If you want it, I might talk to him into selling it to you.
you really want it?Woof the dog
May 4, 2002 8:24 PM
hey, I need a 54 or a 53 really, but I bet I could fit on that baby too. This summer, after I get the cash man!


That hurts my back just looking at it. (nm)LC
May 4, 2002 5:50 PM
Reminds me of those Salvador Dali paintings of pocketwatches /NMMe Dot Org
May 4, 2002 9:06 PM
Lots of folks can build one for youAnvil
May 5, 2002 6:51 AM
It's built out of the Columbus Chrono tubeset. That tubeset is no longer in production, but it's still available through some sources. Just remember that while it may look cool, they're a pain to use for anything other than what they were designed for unless you raise the front end up. These things were typically set up with 8 or more inches of drop to the bars (in other words, the cowhorns are typically lower than the drop portion of the bar on a standard road bike).